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A Study On Performance Evaluation Index System Of The Leading Cadres In The Context Of People's Livelihood

Posted on:2012-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338473165Subject:Administrative Management
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The report of the Seventeenth Party Congress put forward that must be made on the basis of economic development, more emphasis on social construction, to ensure and improve people's livelihood, in which all people to education, employment, medical services and a sense of security, and housing, to build a harmonious society. Therefore, people's livelihood, attach importance to people's livelihood, safeguard people's livelihood, improve people's livelihood is the leading cadres in the current stage of vital functions. Evaluation of the local government's performance leading cadres how to solve livelihood problems should be an important parameter. Livelihood of the people covering all aspects, can give evaluation indicators designed to more comprehensive guidance and "people-oriented" values, allowing the leading cadres from the traditional digital GDP for the pursuit of behavior oriented to the interests of the people as the fundamental starting point of the policy target up. Can be seen in the context of people's livelihood of local leading cadres performance design evaluation index system, has important significance.This paper describes the design of cadres in the context of people's livelihood and evaluation index system of the background and practical significance, this study proposed and started this idea. In the "livelihood", "performance evaluation index system" after the definition of related concepts, key performance indicators theory, goal congruence theory, the theory of a harmonious socialist and other leading cadres as a research problem of performance evaluation index system of the theoretical basis. By analyzing the performance of leading cadres of the traditional status of evaluation index system, index system to identify the deficiencies and the resulting error behavior and adverse effects. Thus, highlights people's livelihood as the core of the establishment of performance evaluation index system for leading cadres of the importance and necessity. The fourth part is the core of this paper, the analysis of the characteristics of people's livelihood based on the index system, established the people's livelihood and leading cadres at the core of the building principles of performance appraisal system, made from the economic, social, cultural, political democracy paper establishes the five dimensions set by the five-level indicators,17 secondary indicators,87 indicators consisting of three performance evaluation index system for leading cadres and security support mechanisms related to the idea of running.This innovation is that:the performance evaluation index system for leading cadres envisaged that the construction carried out in the context of people's livelihood and to work performance, focusing on the "people" dimension of the problem highlighted in the evaluation of all aspects of content and people's livelihood through understanding of the theory, the use of technology to reflect the people's livelihood KPI key performance factors were extracted, the target close to the people's livelihood, in line with public opinion, meet people, to more comprehensive, scientific, correct assessment of the effectiveness and leading cadres of the comprehensive ability, and leadership to guide cadres to establish the "people first" correct view, the formation of "governing for the people" behavior oriented.
Keywords/Search Tags:People' s livelihood, Leading cadres, Performance, Evaluation index system
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