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Local Government Departments Leading Cadres Performance Evaluation System

Posted on:2010-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360308475872Subject:Business Administration
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With regard to business and government performance evaluation, now is an old topic. However, the performance of government departments to assess the work of leading cadres, as the performance evaluation of an important par, because of its unique sensitivity to the complexity and diversity of the little research, Google, Baidu and other well-known search engine and CNKI,VIP, and other well-known literature Chaoxing basically can not find an exact match of the research papers, practice in the exploration of the work. In particular, put forward the scientific concept of development,of government departments,leading cadres of the high demands put forward,how the socio-economic all-round,coordinated and sustainable development organizations to provide a strong reference to an important agenda to protect. Therefore, the government performance evaluation system for leading cadres to study and explore all the more urgent and practical significance. The main contents of this paper are:Chapter topics focus on the meaning and basic considerations. Briefly introduced the leading cadres of government departments to assess research performance and the status quo, management practices, as well as the practical needs of the work of the cadre and personnel system reform and the development direction of defining an in-depth study and exploration of the theoretical value and practical significance, and research methods and gave a brief description of research ideas, made a number of reform and innovation, and embodies the characteristics.Chapter II to the world's eyes focused on the definition of the concept of a number of important theoretical and important quote, as well as the world's major countries, an overview of related work. Of performance, the concept of performance evaluation of leading cadres and government departments to define the performance of the theories reviewed, clarified the government performance evaluation and assessment of enterprise performance differences on the United Kingdom, the United States and other developed countries, government departments, the development of performance evaluation.Chapter III focuses on China's national conditions combined with government departments to assess the performance of leading cadres of the status quo, the difficulties and problems. Discusses the performance of government departments, leading cadres of the meaning, characteristics and functions of government departments to show the performance evaluation of leading cadres of the importance, complexity and difficulty, combined with practical work, pointing out that this work has been carried out a number of"natural flaws"as well as technical worth and improvement.Chapter IV focuses on government performance evaluation system for leading cadres of the basic framework for optimal design. Made to optimize the design of 10 of the guiding ideology of the unity of opposites,set out to optimize the design of evaluation systems need to adhere to the basic principles of a clear government leading cadres of the main criteria for performance evaluation, citing a large number of charts, a detailed description of the optimization of the performance of leading cadres in government departments assessment indicators, tools and procedures for the three interdependent and mutually complementary sub-system of evaluation of the organic system, which is the core of this article, and key.Chapter V focus from theory to practice for example. The basic design in accordance with Chapter IV of the performance evaluation system, a complete reproduction of the work I was under the leadership of reform needs and arrange for their design and implementation of specific program of work organizations. From the actual work situation, a strong operational, practical work on a greater role to promote and facilitate.Chapter VI focuses in practice from the work of summing up the theory of sublimation. This article summarizes the truth-seeking, innovation, rules, transparency in the fundamental starting point and the design concept, the corresponding performance evaluation of modern assessment of the development trend of diversification on the performance evaluation system to assess the diversity of content, assessment tools and evaluation of the rich systematic process. At the same time, pointed out that the system needs further reform and improvement, also believe that more forces will be added to this field of study and exploration in the past.
Keywords/Search Tags:government departments, leading cadres, performance evaluation, index system, tool system, procedures system
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