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Study On The Optimization Of The Assessment And Evaluation System For The Leading Cadres At County Level In Z City

Posted on:2020-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330620958418Subject:Public administration
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Government performance evaluation is a central link in the reform of administrative system in China.It has not only made certain achievements in academic field,but also obtained good benefit in practice.The performance evaluation of party and government leadership is not only to measure the efficiency and benefit of party and government leadership,but also to improve the work style of party and government,to improve the efficiency of government work,to reduce the cost of government work,and to establish a good government image.Are of great significance and value.Based on the theoretical achievements of domestic and foreign enterprises and government performance appraisal,this paper points out that the main results of the performance appraisal system of leading cadres in Z city are general and the methods are simple.The appraisal organization system disperses,the appraisal is not scientific and so on question.On the basis of this,a strict,scientific and classified performance appraisal system for leading cadres and the application system of assessment results are constructed by comprehensive use of literature analysis,empirical investigation and expert evaluation,etc.And puts forward the improvement opinion,tries hard to make the examination system more quantitative,the examination standard is more reasonable.This paper combines theory with practice,through re-setting the appraisal index in the performance appraisal system of the leading cadres in Z city,makes the appraisal index and the appraisal process more reasonable and fair,and puts forward the countermeasures to revise and perfect the performance appraisal system of the leading cadres.Can truly reflect Z City leading cadres performance level.In particular,great breakthrough has been made in assessing achievements and understanding public opinion,thus providing reference for relevant departments to revise and perfect the supporting system of cadre assessment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Z City, leading cadres, performance Appraisal, Index system
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