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The Research On Inner-party Deliberative Democracy Of Chinese Communist

Posted on:2016-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The communist party of China has attached great importance to democracy since founded in 1921,and always holds the inner-party democracy as an important task of the construction of the ruling. The inner-party democracy construction with Chinese characteristics is gradually formed,through constant exploration and practice. On the 21 st century, the research about deliberative democracy upsurges, provides a new train of thought for related researches of political civilization. On recent years, the party has paid more and more ateention to the construction role of deliberative democracy political in the political system reform.This year the central committee of the communist party of China issued an opinion on strengthening the construction of socialist deliberative democracy.The opinion has been clear about essential attribute and the basic connotation of social deliberative democracy,and made arrangements for some forms of deliberative democracy. Deliberative democracy has a profound cultural foundation and institutional basis, enriches the China’s socialist democratic politics forms, expand the channels, increase the connotation. The development and perfection of socialist deliberative democracy also offers a new perspective for the inner-party democracy construction. Deliberative democracy in the party now become a new research field in Chinese academic circle, exists in every link of inner-party democracy, injected fresh blood to the inner-party democracy construction. Deliberative democracy in the Chinese communist party development and formation of inner-party deliberative democracy theory with Chinese characteristics are sure to have real direct effect on China’s democratic political construction,when inner-party democracy is faced with many theoretical and realistic dilemma. This article attempts to explore the realization of inner-party consultative democracy in China and resolve the plight of the inner-party democracy from the perspective of deliberative democracy, on the basis of exploration on the historical trace of deliberative democracy in the party and the necessity and feasibility of inner party consultation civilization. ultimately find ways to to promote the party’s decision-making scientific and legalization and achieve the goal of the inner-party democracy promoting people’s democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inner-party democracy, deliberative democracy, the party awareness, the democratic process, the democratic system, the construction of the ruling
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