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Research On The Issue Of The Surplus Labor Force Transfer In China Under The Perspective Of Regional Economic Theory Of Marxism

Posted on:2012-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X E YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330344951468Subject:Marxism in China
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Employment is the"basic thing"for people's survival. For the large developing country with the population about 1.3 billion, employment is definitely a major event. Current, making about 200 million rural surplus labor employment is the major event and aslo is a difficult task which are placed in front of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government. At present, to promote the China's ongoing new rural construction and to success the well-off construction of overall society largely depends on the smooth transfer of rural surplus labor.According to the objective reality of China, the author seek to find a effective way of transfering rural surplus under the perspective of Marxist Regional Economic Theory. Therefore, this paper firstly introduced the purpose and significance of this study, the domestic and foreign research reviewed of the study, the research methods and the innovation points; then summarized the regional economic theory of marxism, including the regional economic theory of classic marxist writers and this theory inheritanced and developed in China; described the basic situation of transfering rural surplus labor force at present; analysis the main difficulty of the transfer rural surplus labor force from two aspects of supply and demand. Finally, according to the discussion and analysis in front, this paper proposed solutions to smoothly transfer rural surplus labor.It is the key point and difficulty to put forward the countermeasures of transfering rural surplus labor force in China by useing marxist theories of regional economy. At present, our country rural surplus labor transfer presents two trends: one is that the rural labor force flow to developed eastern coastal areas from the economic and social undeveloped midwest; second is that the rural labor flow from agriculture department to non-agricultural sectors. So under the premise of massive surplus labor residual in our country, it is not realistic to absorb large numbers of surplus labor noly by big cities or developed areas and it is not possible to digest the surplus labor force single depending on the development of the non-agricultural sector. In the basis of improving their own quality of rural labor force and establishing a perfect social system, the only perfect choice is that to absorb rural surplus labor force by coordinating economic development of urban and rural, coordinating regional economic development and coordinating the industrial economic development, in order to realize our country countryside surplus labor force shift thoroughly. In analyzes the countryside surplus labor force shift problems in the current, this study proposed that the rural employment participation needs a proper degrees in the premise of economic and social sustainable development . Our country rural employment participation is on the high side. The main reason is that rural population of teenagers enter into the labour market early with not accepting good education and training. It is not good for our country rural labor force to improve the overall quality and also not good for the ascension of the human capital and sustainable development of labor resources. Secondly, from the perspective of Marxist theory regional economy, this study proposed that the basic countermeasures to promote of rural surplus transfer is coordinating economic development. It mainly includes coordination economy of urban and rural and coordinating the region economy and the coordination of the industrial economy. To coordinate economic development as the driving force, its fundamental purpose is to provide a broader space in different regions and industries to completely promote the transfer of rural surplus labor. In the process of development, we should focus on the balanced development between industries, speeding up the construction of small towns, promoting the rapid rise of the county economy, in order to achieve more local employment of rural labor in the country and digest more rural labor in agriculture, to relieve the pressure on urban employment and form a virtuous circle.of coordinating economic development and increaseing employment at last.
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