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The Systematic Construction Of The Chinese Communist Party Inner-party Democracy

Posted on:2012-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368481500Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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This article takes the Marxism inner-party democracy theory's development as a premise, takes inner-party democracy's system essential factor and the system construction as the main clue, impels inner-party democracy improving Socialist political civilization and the people's democracy as the foothold, unifies the historic experience of the Chinese Communist Party inner-party democracy's development, has some researches to inner-party democracy's institutional framework construction. The democracy is a category which has some connections with the democracy, the system, the inner-party democracy's system, it is a process on the inner-party democracy's development and internalization. Aiming at the Chinese Communist Party inner-party democracy's institutionalizing development and promoting the socialism politics civilization's development, this article mainly divides into the following five parts:The first part mainly introduces the research background, senior academic research results, research methods and innovation points and deficiencies in this article.The second part mainly introduces Marx and Engels's elaboration concerning proletariat political party's construction, and unifing Lenin in the democratic centralism aspect theory and the practice exploration, on this base I try to analyze our inner-party democracy's tortuosity and development, and, Inner-party democracy development having had a more notable achievements until now.The third part has mainly analyzed the democracy within the party members, the democracy within the party mainly by the election, the decision-making, manages and supervises four essential factors. This chapter has analyzed these four essential factors target-oriented the question which and to the democracy within the party development function in the democracy developing process exists in the party. The fourth part has mainly analyzed the democracy within the party institution composition, must process the democracy within the party the institution construction question, must process in the relational——party member's rights allied group which in the following several allied groups the democracy development is closely linked in the democracy, the democratic centralism allied group the democracy, in the people's democratic allied group in the democracy, the non-party surveillance allied group the democracy as well as in the Party congress permanent system allied group the democracy.The fifth part promotes the socialism politics civilization development in the first three chapter of foundations to the democracy within the party to make the essential elaboration, thus has promulgated the democracy within the party development important theory and practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese Communist Party, Inner-party democracy, Institutionalization, Mechanism continuity security, Socialist political civilization
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