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Research On Supply Mechanism Of Rural Public Services Of Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2012-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368975970Subject:Administrative Management
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The effective supply of public services in rural areas by improving agricultural productivity, promoting rural economical scientific development to meet the farmers growing education, science, culture, sports, health, social security, environmental protection can improve public demand and other mechanisms, virtually raising farmers'enthusiasm and standard of living, economic and social development in rural areas an important foundation for promoting the construction of new socialist countryside, the rural objectives of a harmonious society important practical significance and long-term strategic significance. Since reform and opening up of China, as a large agricultural province of Heilongjiang Province, the supply of public services in rural areas has made remarkable development in the rural public service delivery more and more perfectly. But the total supply of public services in rural areas lack of the supply structure is still not reasonable and efficient, and the distance between low supply issues and the demands of building a new socialist countryside is still very long.Many of the Chinese provinces in regions of the rural public service supply have their own unique practices, Through the way other places of public service supply practices and actions were classified and analyzed, and with the Heilongjiang province practices in comparison, so that seeking Women useful enlightenment. On the basic concept of public services in rural areas, the basic theory and impact of rural public service supply factors to quantitative analysis of the rural public service supply situation, problems, supply and public demand for regional differences in analysis of the problems forecast mainly quantitative analysis.This supply situation from the start of our province, our province in the system summarize the main issues of public service provision mechanism, based on the establishment and improvement of rural public service supply system in our province the way, and fit the situation in the province of Heilongjiang Province, so that it can meet the farmers need supply mechanism of public service building programs, and provide measures to implement such programs and supporting mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service, New Countryside, Supply Mechanism
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