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Study On Key Issues Of Fire Safety In Dalian

Posted on:2012-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368980529Subject:Project management
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Fires cause not only disastrous direct property losses but also more serious indirect property losses and environmental catastrophes. Therefore fire safety is both the key responsibility of the government and the focus of the public. Facing the rapid social and economical development in Dalian, as well as the more and more serious safety hazards brought by the continuous expansion in the production, transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals, especially several fires breaking out in the petrochemical plants in the recent year, Dalian fire fighting sector needs to explore the preventative measures and response measures in all aspects and to have in-depth scientific research. On the basis of the problem analysis, it was proposed to organize the universities and scientific research institutes in Dalian to have in-depth investigations and studies in the relevant enterprises, organizations and governmental departments as per the actual conditions in Dalian so as to strengthen the relevant scientific research for several problem-solving themes.The safety production status and fire fighting conditions have been analyzed in this article with a focus on the fire safety issues in Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Fujia Dahua PX Project and oil tank farms, and the fire safety issues associated with fire control on the sea. A summary was made on the Fire Accident on 16 July. Specifications and codes shall be revised, operation procedures shall be refined, monitoring and supervising management measures shall be enhanced, and a series of risk control systems covering planning, construction and maintenance shall be established on the basis of the scientific study. The legal system building shall be strengthened, and the risk awareness of the relevant governmental departments and the principals of various public entities and enterprises shall be improved. The Municipal Development and Reform Committee shall organize and coordinate the municipal Fire Fighting Bureau, Safety Production Bureau, Marine Bureau and other functional departments to have close collaboration with the professional experts from Dailan Port Authority and Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and the technical experts from the universities for intensive scientific study and demonstration of the fire safety preventative and control measures in the port area. The sharing platform shall be established for the collaboration and coordination among the Safety Supervision Bureau, Fire Fighting Bureau, Safety Production Bureau, Marine Bureau, Port of Dalian Authority, Fishery Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Ocean Bureau and various governmental departments. The monitoring and supervision on the enterprises for the production, transportation and storing the hazardous chemicals shall be conducted on a regular basis with key items and special items. The production, transportation and storing process of the hazardous chemicals such as the crude oil, finished oils, liquid chemicals, LNG and LPG shall be rigorously monitored and controlled and a real-time monitoring system shall be established for the major hazardous sources. The virtual techniques shall be used to enhance fire fighting simulation drills and the knowledge and professional skills of the fire fighting people shall be improved. The fire control propaganda shall be promoted to enhance the fire safety awareness of all the people and to improve their skills for fire prevention, fire control and self-rescue.
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