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The Research And Design Of The Airport Rapidly-mobilized Fire Fighting Vehicle

Posted on:2017-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S P YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512451869Subject:(degree of mechanical engineering)
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Based on the fact that the situation of fire-fighting and rescue in the airport has becoming more and more complicated and especially the need that forced-landed aircrafts should be pursued, this paper mainly analyzes special situations and some difficulties of fire control. Aiming at satisfying the needs of actual combat of rapid fire-fighting and rescue in the airport, this paper fixes the main functions on airport fire-vehicles with preparedness and response capability. Through analysis and research on the related standards and technical characteristics of airport fire-vehicles, it aims to design a kind of rapidly-mobilized fire vehicle which is refitted from the second class chassis of a high-power off-road vehicle and equipped with the independent fire engine to drive fire pump. Besides, the water and foam of the engine itself can also finish fire extinguishing through the intelligent control system.Complying strictly with the national standards and industry standards and based on the second class chassis of a high-power off-road vehicle, this paper confirms the technical performance of the rapidly-mobilized fire engine on the whole. On the basis of the confirmation, this paper makes optimal designs of the structures, principles and features of the body structure, the form of tank, the tank capacity, the power system of the fire engine, the injection system, the intelligent control system, the additional electrical equipment and so on. In addition, it also makes finite element-optimization analysis of the body structure and the connecting base of the tank and checks the axial load to test the stability of the vehicle.By analyzing and studying the power system of fire engine and through the matching and calculation of the related equipments, the author selects the independent fire engine and the elastic coupling optimally. According to the types and characteristics of power transmission, it confirms the type of the hydraulic pump gear box and studies the way and process of the designing. By studying the calculation of transmission ratio, it concludes key parameters such as hydraulic gearbox transmission ratio and gear teeth. It also proposes to use the hydraulic clutch control device and decide the main specifications, the structure and working principles of the hydraulic pump gear box and also make necessary calculation and checking for the intensity.By analyzing the structure and characteristics of the intellectual fire control system, this paper calculates the optimal design of the intellectual fire control system and also chooses the suitable fire pump according to the types, structures and features of the fire pumps. Based on the actual requirements of fire control, it also does research on the impeller hydraulic design of fire pump, the size of the pump body, vital intensity design and so on. Besides, it decides the technical parameters of the fire pump, basic structure and the working principles and draws the intelligent curve of the pump.According to the related national standards and industry standards for vehicle test, and according to the test of the vehicle to eliminate confirmation, in order to achieve the vehicle design satisfies the requirement of standard airport rapidly-mobilized fire fighting vehicle.By summarizing the design work, the author makes improvements and also haves expectation about the future work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Airport, Quick mobilization, Fire fighting vehicle, Fire pump, Body structure
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