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Research On Dimensions Of The Learning Organization Of The General Practitioners Team In The Community Health Service Center

Posted on:2013-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The community health service center in our country provides integrated health services include prevention, care, rehabilitation, health care, health education and family planning. The general practitioners team is the base unit in the community health service center to provide medical service. Not only they provide convenient and efficient services for the majority of patients, but also relieved the enormous pressure of too much patients and the waste of resources for the large hospital. General practitioners are the core members of the general practitioners teams, also with medical staff and nursing staff. But due to the effect of traditional single type medical talents training mode and medical service mode, At present the role of the general practitioner is shared by all medical personnel in the team from different medicine Dept. How to increase the integrated medical service strength of the general team in current condition and how to train more general practitioners, are the main problems that the community health service centers are faced with. In order to solve this problem not only medical trainings need strengthening for the medical personnel, but also it is more important to proposes a new organizational structure to adapt to the current development needs. For this reason, this paper put forward the learning organization concept into general team construction, through continuous organization learning to obtain continuous power, continuously achieve their own perfection, and constantly adapt to changes in the external environment, thereby the team obtain sustainable core competitiveness. To achieve this, we must first carry out the study on the adaptability of learning organization theory in the general practitioners team. Therefore, this paper attempts to study the dimension of the structure and the weights of the dimensions with the team as the object to provide a theoretical basis for the team construction of the learning organization. First, this paper sorted out the Literature and the information of the learning organization and the general practitioners team, and put forward the research hypothesis of learning organization dimension model of the general practitioners team. This dimension model consisted of four layers, for target layer, dimension layer, second dimension layer and index layer. Then, this paper designed the questionnaire based on the assumption, including survey questionnaire I for the index layer. Subsequently, this paper selected nearly 30 general practitioners teams as research object from 4 community health service centers in Shanghai and carried out the survey. After collecting the questionnaires, this paper conducted the examination, reliability analysis and factor analysis, and determined the learning organization dimension model of the general practitioners team. On the basis of factor analysis, this paper did the AHP analysis, and determined dimension weight.Through data analysis, this paper gets the following results:First, the research hypothesis of learning organization dimension model of the general practitioners team was modified. The index layer eliminated 15 indicators which is low distinguish degree and contribution degree, remaining 23 indicators; the remained 23 indicators clustered into 8 second dimensions; the 8 second dimensions clustered into 3 dimensions. They are "organization dimension", "learning dimension" and "information dimension". Second, this paper determined the weight of index of each layer. The results showed, the organization dimension was the maximum weight in the 3 dimensions. It explained that organizational innovation was very important to create a learning organization in the general practitioners team. The purpose of this research was verified, too. Third, according to the research results, this paper put forward the suggestions on establishing the learning organization in the community health service center.The innovation of this paper is that the learning organization theory is applied to the management of community health center. This is not only f expand the application field of the learning organization theory, but also a beneficial attempt on the construction the general practitioners team.Also, the results of this paper provides the theoretical basis to create a learning organization in the general practitioners. On the basis of the result. the comprehensive evaluation system of the learning organization in the general practitioners team can be designed. If the information can be collected, the comprehensive evaluation system can evaluate the learning organization in the general practitioners, assess the achievement and shortage of the learning organization, and focus on the key points in the future work.
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