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A Theory And Application Research On Building Learning Team In Model Enterprises

Posted on:2004-06-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092997371Subject:Basic Psychology
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Learning organization theory is one of the current organization behavior focuses, while learning team theory is the newest theoretical concept Many unknows on the concept still exist, therefore a comparatively complete theoretical framework is needed. But up to now, learning team theory is not mature. Only a small sum of researchers engage in this field who seem only to be interested in the description of the phenomena of many kinds of teams.The study on the new concept, structure, nature and characteristic of learning team in this paper will enrich the learning team theory today. With the methods of psychological measurement and experiment, the analysis of the learning team situation in our country will enable us to put forward the necessary measures under certain circumstances to eliminate factors hindering the development of learning team, will enable us to promote the development of learning team in our country and raise the competitiveness of the enterprises. The process and conclusion of the positivist research to the learning team structure and team effectiveness provides the instrumental framework for our enterprises.There are three parts in this paper. Section one includes chapter 1 and chapter 2 . Firstly the background of the paper' s focus learning team is analyzed; followed by the investigation of emergence, concept and typology of learning team; lastly the nature of learning team is put into light. Section two consists of chapter 3 and chapter 4. In this section twopoints are identified: One is the research methods of learning team, the other is the discussion of the three-dimensional structure model of learning team. Section three includes chapter 5> chapter 6 and chapter 7, which are some important conclusions of the investigation with the positivist research.The innovation of this paper is summed up as follows:Firstly, the concept and the continuity model of learning team are put forward. A learning team is a small number of employees with empowerment, member roles and learning who are committed to common effectiveness goals and responsibilities between organization and individual. The continuity model of learning team is tradtional teams-teams employees -work together-learning teams. Our research shows that many teams in Chinese enterprises now are in the middle condition of the continuity model learning team.Secondly, a operating model that a three-dimensional feature structure of learning team influences the team effectivenss is put forward, which is a great tool of building learning teams in Chinese enterprises. The three-dimensional feature structure of learning team includes three influences such as: team learning, team member roles and team empowerment.Our positivist research shows that the influences on team effectiveness is the three-dimensional feature structure of learning team (team learning, team member roles, team empowerment).Thirdly, a combination of quantitative and qualitative research is used in this paper, such as psychological surveying, on-the-spot test and on-the-spot case. It is a little difficult tovcomplete the research and three years have been spent on itFinally, there are three important conclusions:The three-dimensional feature structure (team learning, team member roles, team empowerment) of learning team is the influence on team effectiveness;The team learning, team member roles and team empowerment can be designed to improve the organizational performance in the management of Chinese enterprises;The main kind of Chinese enterprises now is the ameliorating team and it is in the middle of the continuity of learning team.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning team, continuity model of learning team, three-dimensional feature structure of learning team, team learning, team roles, team empowerment, team effectiveness
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