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Based On The Learning Organization Theory Research Construction Of Learning Party

Posted on:2014-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425953028Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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In today’s world has entered a knowledge economy and information age, knowledgevolume sharp growth, update speed obviously accelerated, we live in an era of informationexplosion, under the background of the era of the ruling party’s own construction putforward severe challenges. Hu in the fourth plenary session of the17th from fullypromoting the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party’sconstruction new great project of the global, puts forward a major strategic task-theconstruction of marxist learning party. In the eighteenth congress report, hu stressed thatthe construction of learning-oriented marxist ruling party, service-oriented, innovative, andthe construction of marxist learning party construction in party of the first three type,construction of marxist learning party is to ensure that the party has become the core ofstrong leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.This article from the background of the era development and inner requirements andthe opportunities and challenges faced by our party in the new era with the relationshipbetween, comprehensive domestic and foreign scholars on the research of the constructionof learning-oriented party, with the government of learning type party had the furtherunderstanding of the connotation, points out that the construction of learning party is astate organization; Learning party organization overall cultivation and individual practiceis complementary to each other party; A learning party is a party with innovative thinking;A learning party is good at learning. In this paper, using the research methods are literaturemethod, in combination with inductive and deductive method and comparative research.On the basis of summarizing the existing research, the paper analyzes the meaningand characteristic of learning organization, reveals the significance of building a learningparty: is advantageous to the party organization to adapt to the era development trend; Isgood for party organizations improve their ruling ability and level; To fully stimulate theparty member’s potential; Is helpful to implement the scientific concept of developmentremain the party’s advanced nature; Is conducive to enhance the professional quality of theparty members. This article through the analysis and study of party organization now, fromthe perspective of the management structure mode of party organization, party organizationmanagement structure is too rigid, the management model to a learning party organizationconstruction party caused obstacles in learning. From a learning party members of theparty’s understanding and the learning ability of itself, organization members there are members of a learning political party theory connotation understanding differences, thedifferences between the party members’ personal vision, differences in party members’learning ability, these problems cause the difficulties in building the learning party ourparty.In this paper, countermeasures part mainly analyzed from two aspects:It is party organization self building aspects, stimulate innovation, establish selfbeyond the idea; Innovation to establish Shared vision, build inclusive culture atmosphere;Establish feedback mechanism, establish the learning mechanism in learning mechanism;Innovation management mode, shaping learning-type leadership.Second, party members themselves, comprehensive thinking, change thinking mode,dialectical to treat mental models, thinking ability training system; Sets up the concept oflifelong learning in the learning process; Set up the team learning concept on the way tolearn.
Keywords/Search Tags:Learning Organization, Personal Mastery, Thinking in Systems, sharedvision, Mental model, Team learning
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