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The Study Of Primary Administration Service Center Public Service Standardization Construction With S Province X City As Example

Posted on:2013-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371459911Subject:Administrative Management
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In the 21st century, constructing "service-oriented government" has become China's reform of the administrative system target and the transformation of government function's centre of gravity. In general the clear goal, across the country the government actively action began to construct the "service-oriented government" as the goal of the administrative reform campaign to transform the functions of government improves public service ability and level. In the reform of administrative service center came into being. Administrative service center as a local government administrative reform of the product, gradually become an important carrier of the government management innovation. In the implementation of the administrative examination and approval system, promoting the reform of public affairs, improve the administrative efficiency and improve the economic development environment has had great success. However, administrative service center construction and the development also exist some problems to be solved; the reason is the administrative service center to the lack of effective norms. Therefore, in this article puts forward the standardized construction is the administrative service center to the development of new task the administrative service center, the study of the standardized construction, not only for their ancestors of the research of inheriting and carrying forward the benefit, but also promote our country's administrative service center construction and development.In this article the administrative service center to the standardized construction as the theme, administrative service center problems existing in the development for clues, the integrated use of documentary research, standard research and case studies the basic methods such as combination of our country's administrative service center standardization construction the overall analysis. At the same time, in the government department ISO9000 system reference for the application of the standardization of construction and Hang zhou uptown with S province X city administrative service center for public service standard practice case analysis, and points out the standardized construction process in the problems, and tries to summarize some of the experience for reference to perfect the construction of administrative service center of the theory and X for city administrative service center for the construction of public service standard reference suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, Administration Service Center, Public service standardization
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