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China’s Government Affairs Service Center Development Research

Posted on:2017-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Service-oriented government is the inevitable trend for the future development of our government. The eighteenth big report:"continue to intensify the reform of administrative examination and approval, continue to implement the new, decentralization, service for the masses to provide a better government." Just a line to point the government’s focus during the transitional period in our country. Centralized business approval need platform, devolution need transfer platform, government need to display platform, public services need to provide platform, e-government platform management. Service-oriented government need a reliable helper to achieve these goals. It can be said that the establishment and development of government affairs service center is the government public service, strengthen the social management, the innovation service system, to carry out the reform of examination and approval, the realistic requirement of building a service-oriented government and the inevitable outcome. In the key period to build a well-off society in an all-round way, how the government affairs service center under the super-ministries reform upsurge grasp to speed up the transformation of government function, how in the era of big data "Internet+" better join the development of e-government, how to undertake the development of the era have entrusted to the task and the historical mission. Is especially important. Therefore, this article will focus on government affairs service center of the core proposition, from theory to practice in the service-oriented government under the big background to conduct a comprehensive research on current development issues.In order to increase the representation of the thesis and timeliness, selection of public administrative service center in dalian as a case study. First of all, dalian municipal government affairs service across the country started early, scale, service level among the top. So it phases in the process of development results can represent the progress in the road of building a service-oriented government, at the same time, the problem of its existence can represent the present domestic common problems of the "one-stop" service center; Second, dalian public administration service center at the beginning of 15 years to integrate some administrative agencies into government affairs service system, and in August the same year moved into the new office. New public service center is in dalian through integration and reorganization to carry out the party 18 third plenary session of the spirit, we will deepen reform of the administrative system, speed up the transformation government function, advance the public service and social management depth fusion, the important measures to build a service-oriented government. New service center not only hardware upgrade, but closely around to simplify the administrative examination and approval, improve the service quality, strengthen administration and interactive link to carry on the innovation and development, such as the reduced administrative costs, improve administrative efficiency at the same time to build a service-oriented government in dalian on a new step. And new functions of the actual running effect how? Each department for examination and approval of processing business and what are the problems? The electronic government affairs in zhuhai census for the first time in the government website can hand over a satisfactory result? New public service center itself and what are the deficiencies? It is well worth further research. Cases in the government affairs service center for the country to establish development provides the reality basis, at the same time, also to provide a new theoretical research value.Based on the above research background and significance, this paper firstly the concept of service-oriented government has carried on the simple definition, introduces the new public management theory as the theoretical basis of service-oriented government is the realistic predicament of existence and the government affairs service center for service oriented government construction can provide which path to choose again. Subsequent to the problem of the development of China’s government affairs service center has carried on the detailed introduction, mainly from the status quo and development of Chinese government affairs service center operating mode as the breakthrough point, through the "one-stop" service advanced mode comparison of the defects in the government affairs service center in China at present stage, at the same time, this article will public administrative services in dalian as a case study of this paper, according to the above, comb out the basic framework of the "one-stop" service model of dalian public administrative service center in every run mode and analyzes the effectiveness of each mode, at the same time in the process of comparing found deficiencies and problems of Chinese government affairs service center above argument. Finally, this article in view of the government affairs service center to put forward for the construction of the proposal.This paper aims to dalian city public administration service center operating mode system research, its operation mode can effective part of the whole development of Chinese e-government service model boundaries. Hope for two problems at the same time the common part put forward the feasible Suggestions, effectively improve the administrative efficiency of government affairs service center, and accelerate the process of the construction of a service-oriented government.
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