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Research On Power Supervision Mechanisms Of Secretary Of The County Party Committee

Posted on:2013-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374461237Subject:Political Theory
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Effective prefectures governance ensures stabilization all around the country. Theefficiency and stability of the city government affect the development and stability ofthe nation. The secretary of the county party committee plays an important role incountry as the backbone of our party, as a vane of the country development. In asense, the secretary of the county party represents the heads of government, thecompany chair and the judge. Therefore, as the leader of the leadership team and thetop decision-maker, the secretary of the county party owns the largest power in city,unique and special against the other's identity, who has huge influence on the countrydevelopment.The secretary of the county party as the main leader of the party's localorganizations, on the one hand, needs the concentration of power to make surethe concrete manifestation of the party's principles and policies in the region. On theother hand, over-concentration and lack of effective supervision power are proneto alienation toward evil side, and affect the credibility and image of the political partiesin turn. Currently, our country has strengthened the supervision of the county partysecretary and made efforts in the rule formulation and the implementation. The resultsshow some effectiveness, but not satisfactory.As to this problem, the paper firstly researches the power of the county partysecretary according to the role of the county party secretary. The statutory powers, ownpower and real power of the county party secretary are made clearly. Based on theseconditions, the basis and significance of the power of supervision are proposed.Then, the existing supervision mechanism of county secretary power systemstructure is described in details. Meanwhile,the efficient conditions ofthe mechanism efficiency are raised.Thirdly, the status of supervision mechanism of county secretary power system isanalyzed, and the achievements and problems are pointed out. Based on this,the causes of the problems in the monitoring process are analyzed.Finally,the strategies to improve supervision mechanism of county secretarypower are proposed. I hope try my best to improve our current supervision status.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secretary of the county Party committee, power, supervision mechanism
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