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Opening Government Affairs In The Perspective Of Ethics Of Public Administration

Posted on:2013-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There is a narrow and a broad sense on the government affairs openness. This article adopts the broad sense, which means that in the process of carrying out public management activities, the government-led public administration entities should open all affairs, except the state secrets, the commercial secrets and the individual privacies. The government affairs openness should be a system which is established on the ethical basis with morality as the core, covering legislation, judicature, administration and other public management activities. It is a new mode of public management, reflecting the organic integration of rule by right, rule by law and rule by virtue. Firstly, the new mode can adapt to the socialization needs of the government affairs openness. Secondly, people can generally participate in the management and the supervision of public power, and the public management activities can be carried out smoothly.The basic system of the government affairs openness has not been established in China, so the system construction of the government affairs openness must be combined with ethics. In order to set up the responsible, service-oriented, credible and incorruptible government under the guidance of the theory of the people's sovereignty, the ethics legislation of the government affairs openness should be carried out based on democracy, responsibility, justice, service, self-discipline, transparency and other ethical spirit, in the form of the system ethics. At the same time, the government should strengthen the professional ethics education of the staff, especially the administrative morality education of the civil servants, in order to establish a comprehensive, public and transparent government affairs opening system, and make it to be the basis system of political restructuring. Based on this, good governance under the conditions of public management ethics can be achieved.
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