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Research Of Sichuan Higher Education Structure Adjustment Based On Industrial Structure Optimization

Posted on:2012-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330338466589Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The development of higher education closely relates with that of economic and society, and the higher education structure being reasonable or not directly affects a coordinated development of the regional industry. Therefore, the research on their relationship is an important field in educational economics.Higher education structure itself is a complex multi-dimensions system, which contains five dimensions, such as category structure, hierarchical structure, subject structure, geographic structure and system structure, etc. In former research on the relationship between industrial structure and higher education structure, most research is either confined to only one dimension using qualitative and quantitative analysis, or mentioned in five dimensions, without relevance to the industrial structure.This paper mainly answers two matters:"The integral interaction situation between higher education development and the industrial growth", as well as "the internal interaction of their structure" in Sichuan, thus to realize their relationship entirely while aspectly. In order to optimize the industrial structure, the article studies the situation of higher education structure in Sichuan through five dimensions mentioned above on the basis of former research, discusses the inner link between those two structures using correlation matrix analysis and regression analysis, and finally finds that:(1) The regular higher education can significantly promote the growth of secondary industry; (2) The effects of the graduates' increment to promote the industrial growth has been weakened, while junior college student has played a important role especially in promoting the tertiary industry; (3) Engineering and medical industry make the leading contribution to industries'growth in Sichuan province; (4) It can be emphasized that how to link the development of regional higher education with those characteristic industrial economy area outside Chengdu, in the meanwhile, it can be also focused on strengthening the superior resources radiation of higher education of Chengdu to these places; (5) The overall level of private education in Sichuan is weaker than other provinces.Meanwhile, in order to to evaluate the whole co-relations between the two systems presently, the paper makes empirical analysis using several models, such as Principal component analysis and Granger causality test, based on the human capital theory and the theory of industrial structure. According to the empirical study, the paper comes to the conclusions as follows:(1) There really exists two-way causality between the secondary industry growth and the expansion of higher education as well as educational funds investment, but no causality with the primary industry and tertiary industry; (2) No causality exists between quality factor and those three industries. Overall, higher education and economy in Sichuan are more dependent on the secondary industry development.Afterwards, according to above-mentioned conclusions, the paper gives many a corresponding suggestions, which also can provide some ideas or be regarded as a case of how to balance the development of the national higher education structure and industrial structure。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education structure, Industrial structure, Category structure, Hierarchical structure, Subject structure, Geographic structure, System structure
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