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Normal Students Of Professional Experience In The Development Of The Case Study

Posted on:2012-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330338974987Subject:Principles of Education
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In recent years, as the basic education requires the improvement of teachers' quality continuously, it has already been a consensus in education that we should improve and reform the teacher education in order to improve the level of teacher specialization. Correspondingly, some innovation should be taken in teacher education under the concept of teacher specialization. It's necessary for pre-service teacher education to be a way of teacher professional development in the meaning of preparation for the occupation. And also, the pre-service activities should be taken in the level of professional development. The students should be cultivated as a professional teacher.They should use professional knowledge to interact with their objects in professional practice and then establish a relationship with the education world which we call it professional experience.This study is based on the view of experience of Dewey, trying to give an academic explanation of professional experience. It uses qualitative research methods and pays more attention to the living world of the students who are taking education practice which is mainly based on their study and practice. This study focuses on the development of their professional experience during the pre-service period from the micro-perspective.It uses a purposive sampling method and I select a student taking education practice as my studying object. Then it reviews the professional growth before the education practice, records the changes of professional experience during the education practice. At the same time, it outlines the path of the growth of professional experience in the pre-service education period.Through the presentation and analysis of the data, we confirm that professional experience plays a very important role of professional development. We also find out the factors which have an effect on the professional experience and the shortage of professional experience's growth. Finally, considering the connection between the pre-service curriculum and development of professional experience, I raise some suggestions for the establishment of experience-based curriculum which meets the needs of the development of professional experience.
Keywords/Search Tags:Experience, Professional experience, Pre-service teacher education, Experience-based curriculum, Case study
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