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Traditional Master Of Physical Education Quality Assurance Of Teaching Practice System Research

Posted on:2012-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368980455Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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Graduate education, a higher level and more specialized higher education is built on the basis of undergraduate education. Like the undergraduate education, graduate education which relies on the basic unit of all professional educational activities is based on the establishment of discipline in the secondary professional education. With the reform of graduate education, the requirements of the personnel training for graduate students in the practical teaching are increasingly stringent, so teaching in graduate education plays an important role along with relatively fast development of practice teaching, especially in recent years, the practice teaching in the process of Graduate education is mainly to develop the practical work, innovation and research capabilities of the students. Therefore, the research of teaching graduate education is of great importance.This thesis which sets the understanding of practice teaching in the process of graduate education as a starting point and through interpretation of the meaning of practice teaching, clears the importance of practice teaching in the traditional sports science graduate education. We analyze the characteristics of the current teaching practice and problems of the domestic National Traditional Sports Professional Practice in Teaching of Graduate Students, according to the analysis of practice teaching survey of 11 Traditional Sports College of Physical Education Graduate Students. And we lead out the assurance system problems of practice teaching quality in the domestic Traditional Sports College of Physical Education Graduate Students. This thesis proposes to build new content system of traditional sports specialty practice teaching graduate. Basing on Traditional combination of specific requirements and characteristics of physical education, the thesis has developed specific teaching content. On the basis of building a new system of practice teaching, it further studies the assurance system of traditional sports postgraduate practice teaching quality, the characteristics of a quality assurance system and the implementation of the basic principles of operation of the mechanisms, conditions and management process. It also studies quality assurance system of practice teaching evaluation system, and proposes specific evaluation methods. The survey which established teaching quality assurance system for the the practice of national tradition of Master of Physical Education, divided the system into three areas consisiting of a quality management system, practice teaching quality assessment system and feedback system practical teaching. And it put forward operating mechanism for practical teaching quality assurance system, in which the security system is a decision issued, executive summary, the cycle of feedback closed system on the internal outside and an open system on the outter,which turned information and property investment into effective safeguards so that it could play the most effective role in ensuring the system develop high-quality and high standards personnel. To ensure that the system in the implementation process could achieve the desired teaching objectives, we designed a scientifical, systematical, targeted evaluation method。This study solves the problems of the traditional sports practice teaching of Master Programs in the key issues in system design, and establishs a practical teaching quality assurance system o Also, it provide a reasonable and effective implementation of the method to the traditional practice of teaching quality assurance system of National Sports College of Physical Education Graduate Students。So that it can improve the students ability of science postgraduates, teaching, training capacity and other aspects of the practice of innovation, which can increase their employment opportunities。...
Keywords/Search Tags:National Traditional Sports, Graduate education, Practical teaching, Quality assurance system
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