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Financing Problems Of Private Universities In China

Posted on:2012-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368989039Subject:Administrative Management
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With the market economy of China further reforming and higher education rapid development, private universities have developed increasingly and formed a large one. They have become the very important part in the high education with the diversified educational modes and reasonable constructions gradually. However in the process of their development, the fund shortage problem has become increasingly obvious and it discourages their further development and becomes private universities survival key factors. Although there are a series of policies in order to support private universities development, these policies remains to be implemented and it still has a lot to continue to improve at present.This article studies overall financing status of private universities of China and one of Xi'an private universities' cases. It finds that private universities can fully use the financing channel, for example government funding, tuition and incidental fees income, bank loans, school-run enterprises, social donation. But due to internal and external environment influencing, there are many difficulties on financing ways in real operation. It has resulted in one fold method in private universities fundraising channel. Private universities should develop and improve the educational level. It is difficult to rely on school initial investment of capital and tuition accumulation only, so private universities should adopt various financing modes.Through studying private universities financing status, the paper analyzes the reason why it is difficult to finance in private universities. There are policies, social cognition factors and themselves' factors. This article introduces the private universities financing of the western developed countries and compares Chinese private universities financing status. It puts forward some feasible measures. This paper thinks that it should expand private universities of financing channel in order to promote private universities'development. Firstly, China should study from the experiences of private universities in the developed countries and perfect support private universities development policies and regulations, clarifying property right belongings and improve social awareness increasing social donation. Secondly, it perfects the diversified financing channels, such as development school-run industries, using the financing lease, BOT leasing, using the commercial credit and to issue education lotteries etc. In the policy of perfect premise, it can try new financing ways such as issuing stocks and bonds to wait for means to undertake financing. Finally, whether private universities adopt what the financing channels, we should strengthen the financial management and reasonable dominate funds to improve the quality. So they are able to compete with public universities to get resources and ensure the steady development of private universities. Only by solving private universities financing problems existing, it can promote the development of Chinese private higher education and enhance the higher education to prosperity.
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