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Regional Integration And Sharing Of Teaching Resources Of The Construction Program

Posted on:2012-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368997368Subject:Education Technology
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The construction of educational resources is a systematical engineering which involves teaching theory, teaching concept, course content, teaching strategy and technology standard. There are four main problems in educational resources of Wenzhou city:the first one is educational resources are massive and disordered. Countries, information centers and schools purchased a lot of resources, CDs, and the capacity at least above 10T. The second one is the resources are lack of sharing. The communication between schools and organizations are very few. Some good teachers did not share their excellent courseware. The third one is self-made courseware are very few. Only a small part of the teachers have a true sense of the production level. The fourth one is lack of management. The management is lack of master plan.Therefore, the key works of improving educational informationalization of Wenzhou city are to construct a powerful teaching resource library which is multimedia, multi-disciplinary, easily searching and up/downloading and conforming to the current curriculum reform thought. It has far-reaching historic significance to deepen the educational reform, change the model of teaching and learning, and improve teaching quality.The research is based on the fundamental theories of Education and constructivism. Carry out by applying methods of reference, action research, educational research, comparative research and investigating research.According to the actual situation, carry out special subject research, analyze circumstances, build scientific dictionary, and systematically plan; carry out targeted school-based study, compile serious of resources, promote training extension, and gradually achieve "overall planning, applying step by, practical results stressing, constructing with develops simultaneously, the division of labor and cooperation, the demonstration leading, and whole advancement." through independent development, introduction and conformity, establish sharing mechanism; develop platform and educational resources, construct powerful resources applying and managing system. Meanwhile, develop various kinds of thematic websites, carry out research of sources application, and promote research achievements. Therefore, make the contribution to the implement of the new curriculum reform, speeding up the construction of education forced, and the balanced development of education.The plan of Wenzhou metropolitan area network teaching, network resource conformity and sharing includes:1. Question statement2. Construction goal3. Construction content 4. System requirements and specification target5. The strategy of main implementation and procedures6. Conclusion...
Keywords/Search Tags:Network resource, Integration, Common construction and sharing
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