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Problems And Countermeasures Of Teacher 's Network Resource Sharing Course: A Case Study Of "Information Technology And Curriculum Integration"

Posted on:2016-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330473960811Subject:Education Technology
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Flip class is a kind of Teaching mode that reverse the order of the knowledge and knowledge internalization to improve the efficiency of the teaching of the teaching mode, it really carrys out and implements the subject status of students and the teacher’s dominant position. And the information technology rapid development today, the reign of the era of the concept of life-long study but also for the new teaching mode provides the growth of soil, flip the introduction of the class brought new life for Chinese teaching, especially in the process of national education informatization development needs, but also need a kind of teaching mode, it will have a positive impact on our country’s teaching reform. But at the same time we also will face more challenges and tests, in the context of the current study, this kind of teaching mode in the process of implementation is also facing a lot of bottlenecks, such as the requirement for teachers’ information technology ability, the requirement of students’ autonomous learning ability, and the requirement of the information technology environment, teachers and students fully interactive requirements and so on.In order to improve the teachers’ overall professional quality, shorten the development of education injustice, education resources development gap, the teacher made the application. Central China normal university in 2014.9 months opened teacher snatched synchronous classroom "information technology and curriculum integration", in the central China normal university and shaanxi normal university classes at the same time, the course that joined the flip the factors of the classroom, so teachers made resource sharing class teaching effect is satisfactory in practical application is the problem worthy of study.This study to central China normal university teachers made synchronous network classroom case study of the information technology and curriculum integration, with the research background research status and application process -effect analysis found that the problem-pattern improvement for clues on the related research.In the first part of introduction, expatiates the research background, puts forward the problems for study, the present situation, the research purpose, research significance, research ideas and research methods; The second part through the collection of the existing related literature, understand the flip class and the teacher snatched, current research situation of resource sharing lessons from the analysis of the research hot spot problems and less attention problems, provide a reference basis for the research and reference; The third part introduces the study of teaching and evaluation aspects of the theoretical basis; The fourth part introduces the central China normal university teachers made resource sharing class to carry out the process of teaching. The author through participation and tracking the information technology and curriculum integration in shaanxi normal university teaching process, understanding the process of this course; Flipping the fifth part is based on classroom teacher made resources sharing application effect analysis, this paper introduces the participatory observation, in-depth interview and questionnaire survey purpose, investigation and survey of the implementation of the process and result, it is concluded that the actual teaching effect of this course, student satisfaction of it, and to turn the classroom teacher made resources sharing based application results are summarized; Part 6 improvement aiming at the shortcomings of the former part of the summary, as a result, gives the improved is suitable for the new teacher made resources sharing flip classroom teaching mode, for some improvement the author also carried on the application, the results show that the improved teaching effect is very good. The last part is summary and outlook, through practice and study and summarizes the conclusions of this study, the innovation of the research as well as the shortcomings in the course of study, indicating the further research direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:teachers network alliance, Source sharing courses, flipped classroom, the effect of teaching, strategy
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