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Study On The Relationship Between The Entrepreneur Competence And Entrepreneurship Success

Posted on:2012-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330371455640Subject:Business management
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Starting enterprises boots the product and process innovation, which is critical to social change called development engine. And it is also significant to contemporary China. First, setting up in business speed the development of economy of China; Secondly, setting up in business is conducive to adjust our economic structure; Finally, setting up in business is good to resolve the currently urgent problem of employment.Therefore, starting enterprises has played a key role in promoting our country's economy and social development. However, starting enterprises is difficult and hard. There are many factors affecting the success of starting enterprises to exist, and the domestic and foreign scholars have made a lot of research. Through researching of existing scientific or technical literature, we find that scholars agree that the individual characteristics of starting enterprises have an important impact on business success, but more discrepancy on which is the biggest affecting factor. This article bases on summarizing the results of previous studies, further study on the relationship between the competence of the entrepreneur and setting up in business success in the theoretical and empirical research. In the theoretical analysis, this paper builds the index system of competence of the three dimensions of characteristics, knowledge, capacity of starting enterprises, and further builds the relational model of competence and success of starting enterprises. Then, presents Seventeen hypothesis based on three dimensions of characteristics, knowledge, and capacity. In the empirical analysis, this paper selects the business setter as the research object, conducted a questionnaire survey to investigate the relationship between Competency and success. Finally, test hypotheses and conceptual model through empirical research of statistical software.The research results survey that the entrepreneurship competencies have a significant impact on the entrepreneurship success. Among them, entrepreneur characteristics existing significant impact on entrepreneurship success are innovation, risk, internal control, energy and integrity and honesty; Entrepreneur's knowledge affecting the entrepreneurship success includes technical knowledge, management knowledge and legal knowledge; Entrepreneur's ability affecting the entrepreneurship success includes opportunity recognition, resource integration capability, interpersonal skills, time management, self-learning ability, teamwork, strategic planning and problem solving ability. Entrepreneur's competence playing a key role in the entrepreneurship success are teamwork, opportunity recognition, technical knowledge, risk taking, knowledge management, time management, internal control, self-learning ability. Finally, basing on the conclusions and recommendations goes further to analysis the deficiencies of this study and future research directions need to research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entrepreneurial Competency, Entrepreneurial traits, Entrepreneurial knowledge, Capacity of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial success
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