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China's Grain Direct Subsidy Policy Effect Studies

Posted on:2012-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330371951706Subject:Administrative Management
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The production of grain is a kind of special productions. It is the base of a country and is protected all over the world. Large population and limited land of the actual situation makes the status of China's grain production more important. But because China is in the process of urbanization, every year a lot of agricultural land is converted to urban land, conflict between people and land is more and more serious, combined with a long period of low food prices, a large number of relatively low income, migrant rural labor force, and many other factors, Chinese grain production began to decline from the late nineties, food security trends continue to present tense. Although theorists pay more attention to policy research for food production, especially the policy of food direct subsidies, mostly from the macro to be concerned about the theoretical level, while specific examples of research is still rare, it is necessary to combine the typical areas of policy implementation and do researches on policies on food subsidies intensive system.In view of this, the paper will analyze the effect of food subsidy policy from the point of view of increasing China's food production.Qingdao, as an important national food reserve base, its food production has some representatives of regional significance. There will be a comparative analysis of Qingdao on the food subsidy policy since the implementation from 2004 and this thesis will also use model checking to its food subsidy policy to sort out the effectiveness of research and drawn on this basis we'll find the policy effect of the implementation of the direct subsidies. To the problems found during this process, we will propose countermeasures to study the adoption of Qingdao in order to perfect its future grain direct subsidy policy and then provide some useful help, and I also hope by summarizing the experiences of Qingdao, there can be some useful reference to other parts of China and their grain direct subsidy policies can be better and better, and I really hope that my study can promote the healthy development of China's grain production and ensure food security in China in future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grain Direct Subsidy, the Condition of Policy, the Production of Grain
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