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Study On3D Mineral Prospectivity Prediction In Baixiangshan Deposit Based On Weights Of Evidence Method

Posted on:2013-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2230330377460805Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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With the continuous development of GIS technology, modern quantitativeprediction methods with their quantitative and detailed characteristics, are widelyused in the medium and small scale metallogenic prediction. Weights of evidencemethod as one of the modern quantitative predictition method, is often used insmall scale of two dimensional surface. It always uses the locations of deposits orore fields as prediction object, is mainly used for delineating the mineralizationprospective area. In recent years, many countries and regions has become to focuson targeting the concealed deposit, blind deposit and indiscernible deposit.Metallogenic prediction in large scale become more and more important and hasbecome an important part of mineral exploration. As a result, development of theweights of evidence method for traditional medium and small scale in twodimensional surface to large scale of three dimensional space will greatly promotethe further development of the metallogenic prediction research.Firstly, this paper collected and digitized the basic geological data,systematically established the three-dimensional geological database ofBaixiangshan mining area, and then based on the geo-modeling flow and geologicaldatabase, the three-dimensional geological solid models of fault, stratum, rock, orehave been constructed. Secondly based on the three-dimensional geological solidmodels this paper carried out the research on the spatial characteristics analysis ofgeological bodies by using three-dimensional spatial analysis method. Inthree-dimensional spatial analysis, this paper calculated the three-dimensionalbuffer area of geological bodies by using the three dimensional signed euclideandistance transform method, quantitatively extracted the spatial characteristics ofthree-dimensional geological bodies by using mathematical morphology methodand so on. And then, this paper combined the ore-forming regularity ofBaixiangshan ore area, three-dimensional geological solid models and weights ofevidence method to calculate a variety of quantitative three-dimensionalore-controlling evidences for the following prospective analysis by using weightsof evidence method.Finally, Based on the quantitative three-dimensional ore-controlling evidences, this paper calculated the posterior probability distribution data within thethree-dimensional space of Baixiangshan mining area using three-dimensionalweights of evidence method. The result shows that the high posterior probabilityvalues appear in the western deep, eastern periphery, and the northern deep of theknown ore bodies, these areas can be used as the exploration target area for furtherexploration research. At the mean time, this research proves that three-dimensionalweights of evidence method can provide an efficiently prospecitive method for thedepth and the adjacent area of new and old mining area, and aslo can provide thequantitative data support for the metallogenic prediction and the target areaoptimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:3D-geomodeling, weights of evidence, metallogenic prediction, spatial analysis, Baixiangshan
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