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On The Subject Of Paintings On The Loess Plateau

Posted on:2013-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2235330374456457Subject:Fine Arts
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The research on the oil paintings of the Loess Plateau shows that many outstanding oil painters have made creative work on basis of the Loess Plateau and it has become a notable artistic phenomenon but received little analysis from the art circles. In this paper, the author will inspect the territorial environment of the Loess Plateau, the creation of those works, the appreciation of the beauty and explore the oil paintings’artistic value and its contribution. The main contents of this paper are as follows:1、Give the Loess Plateau an all-wave inspect to summarize its geographical features from the two aspects of territorial environment and geomorphic feature; research the people’s cultural life to know Local customs and practices; analyze the regional morphology to excavate its aesthetic connotation.2、Analyze famous oil painters’works in the case of Jin ZhiLin, Wang Hongjian, Su gaoLi, Xin Dongwang to sum up their artistic achievements and display the outstanding artistic value of oil paintings on this theme in the oil circles.3、In summary, this paper elaborates on the practical revelation of the nationalization road of the oil paintings, highlights the unique aesthetic connotation of the works on the theme of Loess Plateau and enriches the forms and contents of Chinese native theme oil paintings.This paper presents objective and authentic research on the theme of Loess Plateau, recognizes the artistic value and contribution of oil paintings in order to provide a useful theoretical reference for the development of Chinese painting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Theme of the Loess Plateau, Oil painting, Achievements
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