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Studies The Subject Of Paintings Of The Loess Plateau

Posted on:2015-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330434959074Subject:Art of Design
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The Loess Plateau (also known as the Huangtu Plateau) is the breeding ground of Chinese civilization. For it, regional natural resources constitute an important prerequisite for the birth of its cultural climate as well as vital elements for the birth and development of its art styles. Based on regional folk culture and landform, loess-themed oil paintings are usually devoted to illustrating the unique spiritual connotations and ethnic characteristics in this region. This theme also attracts the attention of many painters, who try different styles and create many exceptional works with regional characteristics based on their own understanding of this region. In recent years, with rapid social development and continuous promotion of urbanization, cultural and living environments there have witnessed many astonishing changes, which in turn offer wider potential for research on loess-themed paintings.The major artistic feature of loess-themed oil paintings lies in exploring possible ways to make innovations and cater to people aesthetic ideals. Rooted in native folk cultures, loess-themed oil painters usually resort to the expressing tools and materials in western painting and try to assimilate their modernistic spirits. From folk-custom schema to modern aesthetics, and from the application of expressing materials to form innovations, these painters try to find a joint point for the creation forms of modern oil painting and folk culture. Hence, it is necessary to study the Loess Plateau in terms of its natural environment, folk custom, folk morals, and the inheritance and innovation of arts and crafts. Research results in these aspects can bring enlightenment and new thoughts for creating loess-themed oil paintings with modernistic and national features, have important realistic meanings and academic values, and play a crucial role in the "naturalization" of Chinese oil painting.Loess-themed works help promote folk aesthetics in the development of oil painting. They show developing potential for the naturalization of oil painting, appreciation of unique aesthetic implications, form and content of Chinese folk oil paintings, as well as the artistic achievements and contributions of loess-themed painters. Studies on loess-themed oil paintings objectively reveal the true values of the Loess Plateau. As a summary for the artistic values of loess-themed oil paintings, these studies will serve as effective references for the development of China’s oil painting.
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