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The Two Countries The Sino-soviet Socialist Economic Development Model Of Review And Evaluation

Posted on:2013-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371489463Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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A long time, whether Marxist, or western bourgeois politicians and scholars, market economy ascapitalism peculiar economic form, emphasize the market economy can only be associated with privateproperty and thinks that the market economy and the socialist is opposite, so negate market economy underthe socialist system for the existence and development of possibility.For socialist countries will adopt what kind of economic development model, Marx and Engelsever made ideas, they believe that the future of socialist society must do planned economy, no longer existcommodity money relations. Russia after the October revolution victory, Lenin inherited classic Marxistabout how to develop the socialist thought, once a "wartime communist" model of economic development,canceled commodity production and currency exchange, the results to the economic causes seriousconsequences. Lenin after deep reflection, determined to stop the "wartime communist" model of economicdevelopment, to implement the new economic policy model of economic development, restore theCommodity Exchange between urban and rural areas and currency, promote the development ofcommodity economy.In the1930s, people think with the establishment of the socialist system of new economicpolicy economic development mode has completed its historical value, then starts to repel commoditymoney relations. Then establish Stalin’s economic development model admit socialist period existscommodity production and Commodity Exchange, but enterprise owned by the whole people and that ofproduction material not a commodity, planned economy is rejected goods and the law of value. The formerSoviet union set up Stalin mode, make not only domestic system solidification, to form the constraints ofgreat economic development, and in fact Stalin model of economic development and returned to Marx, Engels to the future society thought socialist economic development model. Its essence is a kind ofimproved type "wartime communist" economic development model.The Soviet union as a big Oriental country first on socialist construction exploration, and theexploration to gain and loss has been as a precious wealth and be used for reference by China. How todevelop the economy of China in, in fact exist three kind of economic development model, that is,"the firstfive year plan" model of economic development, the economic development pattern and the great leapforward China characteristics socialism economy development model.From the first five year plan to start of the communist party of China before the third plenarysession, in fact exist two kind of economic development model, that is, first five-year economicdevelopment mode and the great leap forward economic development model. First five-year economicdevelopment model its essence is the Soviet model. The great leap forward economic development modelis the purpose of the Chinese communist party in order to overcome the disadvantages of the Soviet union,the independent exploration a model of economic development. This shows the Chinese communist partyin exploring new road socialist construction in the practice of innovative courage, but this kind of economicdevelopment model and can’t fundamentally touches the Soviet model system structure.In the great leap forward economic development pattern repeated practice and the Chinesecommunist party constantly on the adjustment of the process, the Chinese characteristic socialism model ofeconomic development, also in slowly bud developed. The model of economic development in1978afterthe third plenary session of the developed gradually. China characteristics socialism economic developmentmodel not only inherited and developed Lenin’s new economic policy model of economic development,and it will be socialist market economy and combined together. From the socialist construction road began,the first30years mainly utilizing the negative market economy strategy, and then30years is mainly uses sure market economy strategy. So the future30years will use of market economy reform strategy, thetransformation is guided by the Marxist culture of social development direction-that the socialist inevitableinstead of capitalism, western culture have created a society productivity development model--that is, theChinese culture market system in the form of social relations of production principle--that is the organicintegration of harmonious society principle in together, create new style of human culture. This also meansthat, socialist market economy will be significant difference between the capital in the socialist marketeconomy, socialist will be significant difference between the in the capitalism. And no matter whetherpeople would like to admit, all is not only a Marxist strategy levels of content, and socialism with Chinesecharacteristics model of economic development, will be the law of social development in human senseprove.
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