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Studies On The Cultural Cold War Of The U.S.towards Europe During Eisenhower Administration

Posted on:2013-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371492605Subject:History of international relations
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The cultural cold war towards Europe of the U.S., which aimed to contain the development of communism, especially to protect the Western against the influence of communism, tried to make the greatest possible to gain over the Eastern European countries during the time of cold war. At the same time of economic assistance, the U.S. strengthened the ideologies and values to the people of Western European, in order to avoid the impact of communism. The U.S. government also needed the cultural cold war to establish its positive image in consideration of the bias from the Europeans. The U. S. government, using the power of culture by virtue of publicity and information, launched an cultural campaign targeted against the Soviet Union and the Communist "totalitarian regime ", while using the military and economic measures to contain the Soviet and the Eastern European countries. In order to overthrow the socialism, they took all kinds of cultural ways to "demonized "the politics and system of the socialist nation. The studies of the cultural cold war, for the response to the cultural hegemony of America in the new conditions, serve as the important academic value and practical significance.This dissertation consists of three parts:preface, main content and conclusion.The preface points out the motivation and significance, then summarizes domestic and overseas research points of views, later brings forward the methods, as well as the points of focus,difficulty an innovation.The first chapter introduces the origin of cultural cold war policy in postwar American. This part gives a definition of cultural cold war, analyzes the reason of the cultural cold war of the U.S., reviews the development of American cultural strategy before the days of cold war, and analyzes the situation of the cultural cold war during the time of President Truman.The second chapter details the overview of the cultural cold war to Europe by the Eisenhower government. This part analyzes the situation of the cold war of President Eisenhower, introduces the draft of the cultural cold war policy.The third chapter demonstrates the practice of the policy to Europe. This part explores separately the cases of the cultural cold war by the west Europe, the Soviet and the east Europe.The part of conclusion deliberates upon the cultural cold war of the Eisenhower government. Based on the above three chapters, this part summarizes three characteristics of cultural cold war of the government, those are the difference and similarity when drafting the policy,the contradiction when practicing the policy and the limit to the result of the policy. And then this chapter analyzes the influence and the inspiration of the cultural cold war to us today.
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