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The Comment On Thought Of Nationalism In Contemporary China

Posted on:2013-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371499562Subject:History of development of Marxism
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As the third global nationalism sweeping, contemporary Chinese nationalism is gradually flourishing, promoted by the globalization tide and the opening up reform. Contemporary Chinese nationalism is not only about inheriting and developing Modern Chinese nationalism, defending national independence and national dignity, but also is added several contemporary contents, such as convenient and fast communication based on the network platform. In the development of further practice Contemporary Chinese nationalism is not only a kind of ideology, but also social thoughts and movement. It makes a great impact on the future development and the social stability of China and the relationship dealing with other countries. Nationalism double-edged sword requires us to thoroughly analyze the theory of contemporary Chinese nationalism and the status quo and future development trends.We are also required to fully understand contemporary Chinese nationalism in order to give full play to its positive side, guide it to the healthy and rational direction, guide it to achieve a trend of win-win with inevitable globalization tide,achieve the Renaissance of Chinese nation.In this paper the author makes a rational discission on contemporary Chinese nationalism based on the guidance of Marx theory, in-depth analysis of the nationalist conception and types and the new features in the globalization wave.The author also gives specific analysis on the causes and performance of the rise of Chinese nationalism Meanwhile the paper integrates the tendency of globalization to observe the problems of current Chinese nationalism,in order to find solutions based on a clear and objective view.Currently there are millions of nationalism studies, but more of them are to do the research of the causes and the current development status of nationalism. This article is characterized in the contemporary Chinese nationalism and comprehensive analysis on the basis of trying to predict the future trend of nationalism, It makes us recognize that the nationalism will still remain in the future and nationalism of negative emotions of nationalism as known as ethnic separatism could not be eliminated completely.There may even be a different degree of rebound. This prediction was designed in order to observe the contemporary Chinese nationalism and guide to look to the future and make better long-term planning.This article is composed of introduction, three chapters and conclusion. The concepts and types of nationalism are analyzed in detail in the first chapter. This thesis tries to summarize the concept and characters of nationalism based on the domestic and international research of nationalism. Based on the summary to analyze the new era of globalization nationalism feature. So that we can fully understand the development of nationalism in china. The second chapter explores the status pf the contemporary Chinese nationalism. This study is based on the Chinese modern nationalism development foundation and discusses the contemporary Chinese nationalism causes, domestic reform,open policy and the integrated action of globalization. It explores the specific performance of Chinese nationalism. It thinks there exist both rational aspects side and extreme nationalism side. Rational aspects are the mainstream,but problems are inevitable. In the third chapter, the author makes a further explore of the trend of contemporary Chinese nationalism development on the basis of analysis of current situation of Chinese nationalism.The author thinks in a quite long period of time the ethnic separatism will still remain. In order to achieve modernization and peaceful rise, we need to find a way of coexistence and win-win and make full use of nationalism to enhance national cohesion and promote national development positive traits The conclusion part has analyzed the domestic scholars’ different views of current Chinese nationalism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Contemporary chinese nationalism, rational, coexistence and win-winethnic, separatism
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