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Geo-economic Domain, The United States Asia-pacific Strategy

Posted on:2004-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122466026Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The Asia-Pacific region is not only the place where the world economy has been developing fastest, but also the benefit focus of the world major countries. Since the end of "the Cold War", especially since 1990s, some acute western thinkers and military strategists have put forward a proposal on the Strategy of Asia-Pacific region which will face the new century. Even a few American government leaders has ever showed that Asia-Pacific region is very important for the United States. The American former president Bush has ever said: "Although our heritage is from Europe, our future lies in Asia." The American Strategy of Asia-Pacific region has a direct bearing on every country's benefit of the region. The region's peaceful and steady situation has a direct bearing on our country's "the Four Modernizations" and the realization of our own strategical purpose. Therefore, researches into this problem are of great practical significance.From the new visual angle of the Theory and Practice of Geo-Economics, this article analyses and studies not only American Strategy in Asia-Pacific region, but the effect on the region's politics, economy and military as well. The main effect is on economy, because economic benefit is the kernel of a country's benefit. No matter which country's any strategy policy is formulated, it is for the realization of the country's economy interests. China's Strategy for Asia-Pacific has a main purpose to develop the economy and trade relations with any country in Asia-Pacific region, to seek peace and good order and to improve the economic development of the region.Based on the center of the Geo-Economics, this article is composed of three parts as following:The first part: the birth of the Theory and Practice of Geo-Economics.It mainly expounds that the Geo-Economics, a new theory, which has advocated by some American experts of the international questions after "the Cold War", is different from the Geo-Politics. This new theory is to study the economic competition partaken by a nation and its government in order to gain more benefit for the nation. It also expounds the interactive relations between the Geo-Economics and theGeo-Politics.The second part: American Geo-Strategy in Asia-Pacific region after "the Cold War".Studied from the angle of economy, politics, security and so on, American Geo-Strategy in Asia-Pacific is made for the realization of American benefit. In the Asia-Pacific region, America has its wide benefit. The economy of Asia-Pacific region has developed fastest in the world. Over one third export trade of America is in the region. To get more economy benefit, America has quicken the pace of developing the Asian market; To realize its military purpose, America formed a united military system with Japan, South Korea and other countries in Asia-Pacific region. For its own benefit in economy and politics, America actively plays a leading role in seeking safety of Asia-Pacific region; In order to gain the political benefit, America looks upon Asia-Pacific region as an important place where its concept of value and democratic system can be carried out.The third part: The influence of American strategy for Asia-Pacific region upon China's Geo-Strategy environment and China's corresponding policies.The influence of American strategy of Asia-Pacific region upon China's Geo-Strategy environment is as follows: the changes of security environment of China's neighboring countries; the intensification of economic competition between power nations; the influence of hi-technology strategy adopted by Asia-Pacific countries on the regional economy of Asia-Pacific region. As a member of Asia-Pacific region, China should base itself on the region to accelerate its development of modernization, and proceed to draw up a strategic plan. That is, "Seeking peace for Asia-Pacific areas, promoting the areas' development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Geo-economy, American strategies for Asia-Pacific region, national interest, economic development, China's strategies for its neighboring countries.
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