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America 's Asia - Pacific Re - Balance Strategy And Its Impact On Sino - US Relations

Posted on:2016-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Vast Asia-Pacific region occupies a very important position in global strategy with good development prospects. Facing with the obvious contradiction between United States since Obama’s Inauguration, the United States needs to go out and find more favorable development space. As a result of the rapidly development, China has growing international influence since its reform and opening up. But China’s peaceful rise caused a sense of crisis in the United States and other countries. In this context, the Obama administration realized that the development of United States should rely more on Asia Pacific region, by consolidating its leading position and reducing the impact of China rises. Thus, the United States made a decision of returning to the Asia-Pacific region in 2009, and worked out the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy in 2010, which aimed to solve its domestic problems, and to maintain its dominance in the Asia-Pacific region as well as to curb the rise of China. In order to achieve the purpose, since 2009, the United States began to implement a series of initiatives in the political, economic, and military aspects.The object of this study is the strategy of "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" and its impact on china-us relations.The first put forward by the American strategy of "Asia-Pacific rebalancing"background, mainly from the U.S. strategic contraction, austerity, national interests, the environment and the rise of China has made the analysis. On the basis of this illustrates the intentions of the United States to implement this strategy, and from the aspects such as military, political and diplomatic illustrates how the United States is actively implement this strategy. Second, analyzing the effects of this strategy to Sino-us relations, believe that the implementation of the strategy of "Asia-Pacific rebalancing"increase bilateral strategic mutual suspicion and interests collide, intensified competition between the two countries. Such as the United States in network security, terrorism, human rights issues in China, to China in the Asia-pacific region, the trouble in China around complex security situation, a challenge to China’s influence in the Asia-pacific region. But at the same time, the American "Asia-pacific rebalancing"is restricted by the domestic situation and international situation. China according to this strategy brought about by the adverse situation by the adoption of countermeasures, such as peaceful foreign policy, One Belt And One Road etc., to the development of china-us relations and the Asia-pacific region should have a positive role.
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