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European Union Foreign Policy On Iraq War

Posted on:2013-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371976441Subject:World History
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On the war of Iraq, the European Union(EU) as a whole, the anti-war basic position is clear, which require it clearly that solutions to Iraq should be under the framework of the United Nations.However, the EU major institutions and top leaders through the EU regulation mechanism of coordination EU on Iraq appeared difference, hoping that the EU member states can solve the Iraq issue in unified position. But because of the union common foreign and security policy exists various limitations, especially the restriction between governments’natures, making decision-making power of the EU to Iraq focus on the member chiefly, and whether the European Union on Iraq could form a unified common foreign policy mainly depends on the method of the three European Union countries such as France, Germany and British.In the paper, the foreign policy of EU and its member states on the Iraq war can be seen as the main research object, according to the European Union internal appear serious differences, both from internal and external causes, to analysis of the European Union interior disagreement about the restricting factors. About the differences in the European Union, generally thought that, as a result of the differences of the important factors, the United States through internal propped up in Europe "new Europe" to curb the influence of the "old Europe"; but the main reason is that the EU still has its own problem. About the European Union of disagreement about the internal restriction factors, current opinions mostly focus on the interests of the state factors level, so this paper hope discussing from more factors such as internal division tendency and the limitation of operation mechanism of the European Union. And the fifth part of this article expound what influence that internal differences set on European integration and other related, in economic, political and cultural.
Keywords/Search Tags:Iraq War, Foreign Policy of European Union, European integration
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