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The Transparent Operation Of County Power Is The New Trend Of Grass-roots Reform

Posted on:2013-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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On one hand, the county government have to assume the mission of implementing central government’s line and policies; the other hand, the county government must carry the heavy responsibility of livelihood issues and promote local economic development. As history, culture, political tradition etc., China has formed a unique politics.Since the reform and opening up, the economic development rapidly in the county. But as economic and social transition rapidly in the present, the county governance also exposed many problems to be solved. There is a serious paradox of power operation in our county government. First, the political power is not distributed reasonable in China. A significant increase in county government affairs, but the comprehensive coordination ability of county government is weakened. Second, power restriction in county government is failed, especially the power of Secretary, County Committee of the CPC is lack of effective supervision and regulation. County governance crisis highlighted the urgency and necessity of the county grassroots political reform.Over the past decade, our central government carried out a number of vertical reforms, which aimed to adjust the relationship between of the provincial, city and county. These reforms have achieved certain results. To crack crisis in county governance, and control county power effectively, we should divide political power not only in the longitudinal direction, but also in the transverse direction, especially in supervising the power of Secretary, County Committee of the CPC.The central government started the open and transparent reform of county power in some areas in2009. The reform aimed to supervise and restrict the county power, especially the powers of Secretary, County Committee of the CPC, which can raise the level of grassroots democracy. This reform reflects the direction of the grass-roots political reform. However, by the influence of institutional design and the interest pattern, there are many inadequacies in this grass-roots democratic experiment.This paper introduces the characteristics county political, and elaborates the background, route, strategic, significance, constraints and the corresponding breakthrough paths in this reform. Grassroots political reform is a long-term process that requires long-term exploration and practice with courage and patience. The important thing is that the innovation of technical aspects and political system are both needed to solve problems in this reform.
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