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The Open And Transparent Operation Of The County Power And The Scientific Leadership Of The Party

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422474845Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The county committee is the local organizations of the party system "peripheral",it’s in the "contact" part of the local and grassroots organizations. The county committeeis the key factor in the Party leadership system construction, and it is also the Party’ssystem to generate and execute chain easy to alienation distortion of parts, the status ofthe county committee importance is self-evident. The core problem of the party’sleadership system is the problem of power, which is also the problem of the partyorganization in what way to control and exercise of power. The allocation of power to besolved is to what kind of leadership system and mechanism to carry and distribution ofpower. The fundamental goal of power allocation is to effectively prevent the unbalanceddistribution of power, the exercise of power out of bounds, the disorder of poweroperation and power supervision inefficiency.On November18,2010, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection andthe Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee jointly issued the“Regarding the development of the county power open and transparent operation of pilotwork opinions”. To provide and support the research breakthrough point to promote thelocal Party committee leadership system of scientific. The county power open andtransparent is a breakthrough point. With the deepening of the pilot work, it will form akind of institutional innovation of " reaction" transmission power, provide the impetusfor reform to the existing party’s power structure and operation mechanism. Based on theanalysis of Suining County in Jiangsu Province, Wuhou District in Sichuan Province,Chengan county in Hebei Province as the three pilot of “The first batch of pilot countypower open and transparent operation”, this paper takes the county political system as theresearch object and the allocation of power as the main line, and analyzes the profoundchanges in the county power open system of tension produced transparent operation andits power structure within the party raised. Through in-depth to explore basic intensionand operating mechanism of the county power, defines the county basic principals, maincategory and function of the power, the dimensions and power boundaries, both the institutional arrangements of the county power performance evaluation and reflection,and put forward the construction of the party at the county level decision-making power,executive power and supervision power is mutual restriction and mutual coordination ofpower structure and operation mechanism of countermeasures. On this basis, this studyput forward to build a basic framework of the scientific system and the feasible path ofthe local Party leadership system.
Keywords/Search Tags:County Power, The county power open and transparentoperation, Leadership system, Scientific
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