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Research On The Organization Construction Of Grass-roots Women's Federation In Xian County

Posted on:2022-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306512465324Subject:Public Administration
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In the long-term service work,the Xianxian Women's Federation has built a strong team,insisting on innovation and practice,being pragmatic,focusing on the spirit of exploration,and consolidating the grassroots women's federation of Xianxian.The quality of team members has been continuously improved,and the management mechanism is in the long-term.It has been sublimated in the struggle,and its vitality is constantly increasing.To investigate the structure and operating mechanism of the grassroots women's federations in Xianxian,you need to first understand the working status of the grassroots women's federations,find the current work goals of the grassroots women's federations in Xian County,unify the ideas of the members of the women's federations,form a team force,and thoroughly resolve the members of the women's federation Information communication problems,to achieve the effect of improving team organization.This research is carried out with the grassroots women's federation in Xianxian County as the main body,and the research results are of great significance to my country's comprehensive construction of a well-off society.This study used a variety of research methods,including literature survey methods,questionnaires,and interview methods.The research centered on the construction of grassroots women's federations.Starting from the work case of the women's federations in Xian County,it analyzed the specific situation of the construction of grassroots women's federations in the region,analyzed its shortcomings,and looked for problems in the construction of grassroots women's federations.And combined with related theories to explore innovative solutions.The results of this study are as follows:(1)Starting from the theory of public management,combined with the relevant theories of third-party departments,it analyzed the current situation of the construction of grassroots women's federations in Xian County,and proposed the effectiveness of the construction of grassroots women's federations.This study made a detailed analysis of the organization construction form of the Women's Federation,the building of team members and the service mechanism of the grassroots women's federations,and collected evaluation information on the organization of the women's federations from the perspective of the masses.(2)The study found that there are many shortcomings in the organization of the Women's Federation in Xian County,Hebei,such as insufficient coverage of the organization of the Women's Federation,the small scale of the organization of the Women's Federation,the mismatch of supply and demand,and the existence of contradictions.At present,there is no scientific incentive system in the construction of grassroots women's federations,and the vitality of women's federations is insufficient and their work enthusiasm is poor.Based on the analysis of the above-mentioned problems,it is concluded that the higher-level leaders lack the degree of attention to the work of the Women's Federation,the members of the organization lack professional training,and there is a clear gap between the service effect of the Women's Federation and the needs of the masses.(3)Sort out the shortcomings and difficulties in the construction of grassroots women's federations in Xian County,and find feasible optimization suggestions based on related theories and practical work reasons.For example,local government organizations increase their emphasis on the construction of women's federations and expand the coverage of women's federations;Strengthen the organization and team building level of the Women's Federation,formulate a sound organization and management system,and improve the service level of the Women's Federation organization;formulate a scientific organization and incentive management system to enhance the vitality of the team.This research is based on the achievements of the predecessors and has taken the path of innovation.The specific innovation points are as follows: First,the perspective of this research is novel.In the study,starting from the actual working experience of the Women's Federation,the author's own experience and the actual situation of the construction of the Xianxian Women's Federation were analyzed.Xian County belongs to Cangzhou City,connects the Beijing-Tianjin area and the Bohai Sea,borders Shijiazhuang to the west,belongs to one of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan areas,and is only 80 kilometers away from the Xiong'an New District.Xianxian is unique in its geographic location analysis,which is the innovative point of this research.Second,the method used in this study is novel.The research uses a combination of questionnaires and interviews.This method can obtain first information materials,which can not only ensure the authenticity of the information,but also ensure the originality of the information,which has strong practical significance for this research.
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