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The Primary Type Of Political Science And Law Order Run Social Costs

Posted on:2013-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The article from the Angle of view of the technology dialectics, the research scopewill focus on the reform and open policy the30years, with the national law of theconcept of evolution and the political and legal work experience of the basic level forthe study object, grass-roots society for independent management mode of developmentand different stages of the state adopts political strategy. On this basis, the analysis ofpolitics and law in the formal system how authorities the framework of the operationcase, in order to make the referee results of substantive dispute both hidden process, andwith "Feng qiao experience" for example, has long dominated the analysis of politicaland legal work fighting philosophy. Based on examples verify, in the field of politicsand law system design in the macro micro informal system of practice have a variety ofdifficulties, according to these difficulties formation, this paper gives two kinds ofhistorical explanation, so as to demonstrate the concept of protection from private rightsto construct the rule of the necessity for consensus, eventually give up fightingphilosophy, reviving the humanistic spirit, and realize from the state of politics and lawto the government by law society smooth transition.
Keywords/Search Tags:politics and law system, politics and law order, grass-roots experience, fighting philosophy
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