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The Origin Of The Turkish Constitutional Government

Posted on:2013-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Turkish Constitutional Government question of the origin can be traced back "Tazimate" period."GUlhane decree"was promulgated in1839, which was opened the prelude of the empire of reform. In1876, under the support of the new king Abdullah Hamid Ⅱ, constitutionalists promulgated the first constitution of the Ottoman Empire history. The constitution reiterated that all the people in the empire were equal, ensured all the people’s rights and freedom, and announced the establishment of a bicameral parliament elected. Two years later, Abdullah Hamid Ⅱ forced the parliament to dissolve, and announced a freeze on the constitution. Abdullah Hamid Ⅱ continued to implement the dictatorial rule. After30years, in the Ottoman Empire, Politics was corrupt, People dissatisfaction was. An opposition groups named "Unity and Progress Committee" advocated to learn advanced technology and democratic ideas of Europe, revitalize the national economy, establish a constitutional monarchy government, and got people support especially from army officers support. In1908, the revolution was out-broken, Sultan was forced to announce to convene the parliament, restored the constitution. The Ottoman Empire entered to "the second constitutional Government age" Under the leading of the Youth Turks, the government made contributions in the innovation of system and legal aspects, but it was not completed saving the empire and developing the economy. Mustafa Kemal led the people set up the Republic of Turkish. In1921, a basic law was promulgated,whose status equated to the interim constitution. After establishment of the Republic of Turkish, the new constitution was risen up the agenda. In1924, the National Parliament got through the first constitution of the Republic of Turkey officially. Through these series of efforts, not only consolidated the new regime, but also provided the perfect legal protection for the economic development of the state.This thesis has three parts, The first part is that the Ottoman Empire tried to establish constitution through promulgating" GUlhane decree " in Tazimat period and carrying constitutional reforms of Abdullah Hamid in1876.The second part introduces development and constitutional reform of the Young Turks; The third part introduces the establishment of the Republic of Turkey and constitutional reform. Conclusion is that constitutional government was not beginning the Republic of Turkey established, Should be traced back to the Ottoman Empire period. The developing of constitutional government was long and zigzag.
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