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Reconstruction Of Administrative Service Center Of Chenzhou City Based On Boundless Organization Theory

Posted on:2012-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of information technology, various countriesthroughout the world are actively taking advantage of technical means to strengthenreform and innovation in governance, forge high-quality and high-efficiencyadministrative services and build all-inclusive service-oriented government. Hunan, asan inland province, has always regarded building a high-quality administrative serviceenvironment as an initiative to enhance its regional competitiveness, and haspromulgated for bringing Hunan into rule of law a series of creative regulations andrules, such as Regulations of Administrative Procedures of Hunan Province,Regulations of Government Services of Hunan Province, and Rules for RegulatingAdministrative Discretion. The goal is to adapt Hunan to the requirements of marketeconomy development, strengthen administrative innovation in governments at variouslevels, shift government functionalities, raise the quality and the level ofadministrative services, and forge an open, transparent, and expectable developmentenvironment.The administrative service center refers to a point where all the departments anddivisions of a government are assembled to handle matters in relation to administrativeapprovals and public services. This facility, a borrowed application from overseas,though, is now very important platforms for building service-oriented governments andproviding high-quality administrative services for governments. After all, theadministrative service center is a new thing, and thus needs more research in how itcan better adapt to and serve China’s reform and innovation in administrative system.The counterpart of Chenzhou City has epitomized the whole process of starting, anddevelopment, and therefore the study on it has the representative and realisticsignificance.This paper employed the Boundless Organization Theory to analyse andreconstruct the administrative service center of Chenzhou City. The paper firstanalyzed the applicability of the Boundless Organization Theory to theconceptualization and organizational structure of the administrative service center; andthen listed the problems of the administrative service center of Chenzhou City in termsof the Boundless Organization Theory. Finally, this paper proposed the reconstructionstrategies for the organizational structure and the system arrangement of the saidcenter of Chenzhou City on the basis of the Boundless Organization Theory. For the problem of vertical bounds, this paper suggested full authorization to the counter of thedepartment stationed in the administrative service center, and practice of approval bythe chief representative of that counter in the administrative service center; for theproblem of horizontal bounds, this paper came up with joint investigation and jointapproval in the case of multiple departments involved; for the problem of externalbounds, this paper advocated that the administrative service center should practiceone-time notice about all the procedures for a project so as to strengthen transparency,carry out domestic reviewing and encourage the public’s participation; and for theproblem of geographical bounds, this paper proposed applying more informationtechnology. The goal of the proposed reconstruction is to shorten the chain of approval,curtail the time limit for approval, cut back the cost of the administrative services,raise efficiency, and reshape the credibility of administrative services in the hope ofmaking administrative services satisfy the requirements of the development of marketeconomy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Boundless Organization Theory, Chenzhou City, Administrative Service Center, Reconstruction
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