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Research On The Function Of The Local Administrative Service Center In China

Posted on:2011-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308960058Subject:Administrative Management
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The Administrative Service Center is the new thing that appears in the administration reform system in China. It is an important carrier in the process of local service government construction. The concept of the Administrative Service Center is that, under the guidance of service-oriented government, relying on advanced technology, through a centralized office as a new organization, the platform provides the integrated services for enterprises and citizens, and as a result, strengthen the cooperation between government and community. During ten years of execution with different local innovation, the Administrative Service Center, as a visible platform, continually innovated manner and methods of work, from a single service to integrated business, greatly satisfied the growing demand of citizens for public services, and achieved a remarkable achievement in administrative cost savings. The innovations of local governance as a model will play a great role in regulating government acts, making administration affairs more open and improving administrative efficiency, etc. And more importantly, it will provide experience for government transformation.The paper consists of five parts which firstly explores the function of the Administrative Service Centers in China, and then analyze the location of their functions. Combining the requirements of transformation of government functions, the paper enables them to optimize resource allocation, and develop healthy. Based on the concept with related, the first part of this thesis summaries the issues and development of the Administrative Service Center. After my comprehension, the formation of this thesis forms, which sets the tone for the full thesis. The second part of this thesis elaborates on the background of Chinese local Administrative Service Center, including the reform of administrative examination and approval system, serving government and E-Government construction. In these backgrounds, the Administrative Service Center has undergone the change from series model to parallel model, and forms the existing role conversion and functions location. By understanding the external environment, organizational structure and current status of the Administrative Service Center, combined with the new public service theory, its function can be attributed to service, cooperation, and innovation, in which the service functions are the most basic function. Breaking the traditional and single function of review and approval, the Administrative Service Center returns to its citizen own standard, integration of internal resources, becomes the positive interaction platform for the government and the social integration. The third part of this thesis takes the Public Service Center of Shanghai Pudong as an example, exploring the functional location, the agencies within the organization and the operating mechanism. The fourth part is in the process of the development of local Administration Service Center, and analyzes the problem and crux in the development. Through case studies and using functional analysis paradigm, this thesis analyzes the organizational function from the theoretical angle. On the basis of comparison and reference, combined the administrative reform targets, this thesis puts forward some suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Service Center, functional analysis, organization model, mechanism
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