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Research On The Administrative Service Center Legal Issues In The View Of Organic Law

Posted on:2012-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338995003Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Administrative service center in the country is the government at the next higher level by cities rise of bottom-up spontaneous reform as a new thing, our country government reform of administrative service and a breakthrough, in present in with a new already across the face of the administrative agencies for years, and there in promoting the government improve administrative service efficiency, maintain the good image of public service government plays a huge positive role, and has accumulated adaptation to the situation of China construction experience.In practice the bold exploration around the administrative service center building, the lack of the legal system construction, especially organization the lack of legal system construction have restricted center further standardized, scientific development's biggest obstacle, become inspire administrative service center in better service to the public functions on the influence factors of the most fundamental, produced many such as administrative service center, lack of clear XingBuCheng unified recognition in the legal position and the actual operation of the set unreasonable, because of the window is not clear, personnel duty authorized management is not standard, administrative efficiency is not high and external subject qualification not clear caused by such as effective connection with the current system can't the problem. From these problems in administrative service center in the future development of unfavorable influences of the Angle, to center organize legal construction is particularly important.Scholars have administrative service center all existing organizational type and system construction of the study of existing a results, with these research results and the center of the current construction of actual situation, it is necessary for China's current center construction organization type and system from the Angle of law to comprehensive analysis and evaluation, and in more reasonably constructs our country administrative service center to us in the future of the organizational form provide valuable reference.Thereafter, the view of other scholars in integration based on reasonable innovation type, appropriate to join, and puts forward ideas and scientific reasoning for administrative service center of many of the legal issues facing a dilemma and integrated solutions, will above general construction planning placed in service, real power type and comprehensive administrative service center in the organization law construction options detail, we expect this as the breakthrough to further development and perfection of our organization law system of curing theory and practice.We had conceived service center operating mode after all is a complicated systems engineering, and the system of administrative examination and approval to eradicate the disadvantages of traditional difficulty is very big still, plus about idea mode can foresee problems, will affect the idea of the administrative service center mode implemented smoothly. Therefore, on the road in reform, pay attention to the standardization of the use system and legal means to gradually solidified the administrative service center around in practice accord with the operation idea mode innovation mechanism this strategy would be very important to ensure administrative service center of this new government service method of the long-term development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, Service-oriented government, Organization restructuring, Process reengineering Organization legal
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