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Analysis Of The Obstacles Of Regional Cooperation In Northeast Asia

Posted on:2013-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374491903Subject:International politics
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Obstacles to Cooperation in Northeast Asia, Although in different areas have different hindered, However, the biggest obstacles in the regional cooperation,In a range of security dilemma is brought about by the North Korean Nuclear Issue and the other is the United States Northeast Asia, The strong existence of these two problems are Cold War relics.Analysis barriers.First in the regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, Cooperation idea of comb start from the concept of regional cooperation, As defined in the relevant areas of cooperation, Regional cooperation in the national interest analysis conducted the analysis of cooperation in Northeast Asiapast, Present study combing.Then discusses the main obstacles for cooperation in Northeast Asia, After the analysis of the end of the Cold War, Regional cooperation in the Korean Peninsula is still in the state of North-South military confrontation of the Cold War, The existence of the US-ROK military alliance is a direct result of the two sides long-term military tense, Especially, the US-ROK military alliance in different periods each year in controversial areas held military exercises against the DPRK practical applications, Direct result of the instability on the Korean peninsula.Objectives and the plight of the Cooperation in Northeast Asia, The values conflict in Northeast Asia cooperation, The dislocation of the goals of cooperation, In the context of globalization and regional economic integration, Hoping to find the crack in Northeast Asiagoals of cooperation of all obstacles. Vision for the future of cooperation in Northeast Asia, Mainly for handling the problem of leadership in the good cooperation mode of economic cooperation, Energy cooperation model, As well as political, Economic and security interests in the relevant countries within the region to maximize the ideal state.
Keywords/Search Tags:Northeast Asia, Regional Cooperation, North Korean nuclear issue, US-Japan military alliance, and, US-ROK military alliance
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