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The Historical Development Of The British Parliament To Analysis

Posted on:2013-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Britain is known as the mother of parliament, but people rarely discuss how theBritish parliament develops step by step. All over the world have the parliamentarysystem of different development context, this closely links to country’s social andeconomic condition, historic tradition and political culture, etc. Because of the specialsocial economy environment, British becomes the mother of parliament. This paperdiscusses the British parliament from the forming process and analyses from deferentstages. There is special factors to promote its development in each stage. Specifically,this paper text is divided into four parts:The first chapter: The budding of the British parliament. At the beginning of thedevelopment, royal power is in the leading position, but war is frequent and taxburden is heavy, so the nobility and the royal have conflicts constantly. so theparliament becomes the agency to solve their conflicts, and their struggle in turnpushes up the development of the parliament.Chapter2: The growth of the British parliament. Along with the development ofoverseas colonial trade, commodity money economic develops up, many cities rises,and bourgeois are forming. This new class, nobles and the Royal force each other soas to promote the development of the parliament.Chapter3: The modernization of the British parliament. The effect of Bourgeoisrevolution to the development of the British parliament is also not ignored, especiallythe glorious revolution finally brought the bill of rights. The industrial revolutionhappened first in the British. this is the unique advantages of Britain. During theperiod, the working class developed and expensed. Their fighting for more rightsfurther promoted the development of the parliament.Chapter4: The maturity of the British parliament. The parliament becomesmature and perfect gradually through many reforms. So because of the pushing of thespecial historical background factors, the British parliament becomes the mother ofparliament.
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