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The Research Of Non-Governmental Organization Participate Into Disaster Relief

Posted on:2012-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338499950Subject:Public Management
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Our country is one of the most countries suffered natural disaster in the world. With the 21st century's coming, the frequent crisis becomes the inevitable great challenge in the social management life. We are now faced with an eventful task: how to make a fast, lasting, ordered disaster relief role; how to deal with natural disaster effectively and reduce the adverse impact materially and spiritually of disaster. In this process,government should play the key role as the supplier of the public service and the manager of the public affairs. But it is insufficient to depend on the governmental emergent departments and the specialist's strength,we must have the social strength and the social support to relief the disaster. As an important organization entity of the civil society , non-governmental organizations(NGOs) can do a lot of work which government cannot do,do not want to do or cannot do well by their particular advantage in disaster response. They can effectively compensate the deficiencies of government in public administration and public management, playing an increasingly important role in disaster relief.At present,China is in the crucial period of "economic and societal transition",so it is becoming an important question in our country to how to make good use of non-governmental organizations in relief disaster. The thesis is being based on such consideration to probe into NGOs participate into disaster relief. The paper first summary the theoretical research, development trends about disaster relief at home and abroad.Second,the thesis tells us the definition of basic conceptions,such as non-governmental organizations, natural disaster, disaster relief and so on. At the same time, the paper uses Civil Society Theory, Market Failure Theory, Government Failure Theory, Factor Endowments Theory the Governance Theory to provide the theory basis for non-governmental organizations participate into disaster relief. Third, according to the performance of non-governmental organizations in Wenchuan earthquake relief, explore the main problems that exist and the causes for analysis. At last, summarizes the successful experience from abroad, based on the condition of our country, the thesis points out the way to improve non-governmental organizations participate into disaster relief: to make disaster relief organizations in the legal system, to innovate governmental management, to strengthen culture of civil society, to build a system to deal with natural disaster.
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