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The Study On NGO Participate In Emergency Rescue In Wenchuan Earthquake

Posted on:2013-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425463720Subject:Public Management
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As time creeps into the21st Century, public crises, as the major threat to social life, occur frequently. Characterized by complexity and pluralism, these crises can’t be wrestled with timely and effectively solely by the government. Although non-governmental organizations played a great role in Wenchuan earthquake rescue, there lurked many problems and difficulties in them.As a milestone for Chinese NGO,2008showered challenges as well as opportunities for these NGO organizations.Based on May,12th Earthquake rescue operations by these non-governmental organizations, I make an analysis of the factors that may influence the disaster response performed by non-governmental organization.Firstly, this paper will analyze the need and feasibility for the participation by NGO in emergency rescue.Secondly, this paper will define relevant concepts and quote relevant theories of public management as the theoretical basis.Thirdly, this paper will analyze the experiences and problems encountered in disaster response by the NGO. The dilemma of the problems stems from many causes, such as the deeply embedded traditional ideology, officialdom standard, the ignorance of NGO in the traditional Chinese culture, the reliance of these NGO, the scarce of resources and lack of theoretical support.Finally, aiming at the effectiveness, this paper digs into the ways and methods for the Chinese NGO’s participation in emergency rescue. For a well integrated public crisis management system, practicable suggestions are made:change of understanding by government toward NGO, sound legal support for NGO’s participation in emergency rescue, the setting up of the NGO Law as soon as possible, modification of harsh requirement in procedure, improvement of fund-raising mechanism, establishment of a better supervision system, uplifting of the qualification of law enforcement officers and strengthened international cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-governmental organizations, Participation, EmergencyRescue, Wenchuan Earthquake
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