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Participation Of NGOs In Post-disaster Reconstruction

Posted on:2013-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330374974525Subject:Administrative Management
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As nowadays, our society is in transition, various social contradictionsconcentrated highlights, any part may cause the comprehensive crisis. However, ourgovernment in the crisis management system is not mature, such as the guidingideology, the legal construction, management of institutions and so on. At the sametime, NGOs become an effective way of social management, who begin to assumemore social responsibility and play to their strengths, to participate in a public crisismanagement. However, our political system is different from Western countries, NGOdevelopment has their unique characteristics, whose development restrict by manyfactors, the legality of the identity, social recognition and legal construction are themost prominent.In theory, NGOs are an integral part of the public crisis management. However, itis a real problem, that the practice of NGO how to play to their advantage, toeffectively compensate for lack of government and improve efficiency. The theme ofthis paper is the participation of NGOs in post-disaster reconstruction, through theanalysis of the experience of foreign NGOs participation to get the revelation, andlimitations of Chinese NGOs and causes of these, on this basis, to getcountermeasures.This article is divided into seven parts. The first part is the introduction,the twovoices of public for NGOs’ participation in the reconstruction, and sort out the relateddocuments. The second part analyzes the path and collaborative role of NGOs’ participation in post-disaster reconstruction. The third part is the research of the basicmechanisms, introducing the specific circumstances of NGO involved in theWenchuan earthquake reconstruction work, including the type of NGOs, fundingsources, the working field as well as public attitude. The fourth part describes thelimitations of NGOs’ participation in post-disaster reconstruction and the causes ofthese. The fifth part sums up the experience of foreign NGOs participation in thereconstruction, to provide a reference for Chinese NGOs to better participate in theWenchuan earthquake reconstruction work. In the sixth part, refer to the forth andfifth part, the author analyzes the countermeasures for Chinese NGOs. The seventhpart is the conclusion of this article, as well as shortcomings.
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