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Change Of Government Function Research On The Influence On The Development Of The Social Pension Services

Posted on:2013-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330377956275Subject:Social security
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In China, the aged tendency of population has been very serious, drivenby this background; the old-age service problem has become a hot issueby the whole society. Based on the fundamental national condition, anddrawing lessons from development experience of the western welfare state,we put forward the development direction of old-age service socialization.Under the guidance of this direction, we gradually form a social servicesystem, in which the home-based care services as the main part, communitycare as the basis, pension institutions as a complement; China’s old-ageservice work has made a considerable progress. In the development processof socialization old-age service, the government plays a decisive role;the change of service system also prompted the change of governmentfunction, in the purpose of adapting and promoting the development ofsocialization old-age service. But the current situation is, n thefunctions transformation of government,the government’sresponsibilities are not clear, leading some policy are difficult tofulfill and problems such as lack of government support, and theseproblems seriously affected results of the society-run aged service cause.Therefore, the functions transformation of government has become the corequestion in the future development of socialized old-age service.This article mainly uses the literature research and data statisticsanalysis method, analyzes the situation and the problem of the governmentfunction transformation in pension service, and put forward thecountermeasures basing on the analysis. The logic of this structure isintroduced the first pension service problem of governmental functionchange is first introduce the research background, the next step is fromthe angle of public management, specific to the welfare pluralism, thedevelopment of social welfare theory, new public service theory, toargument that government has to provide old-age service functions, andin order to meet the new needs of society, and constantly adapt to thetrend of social development, the connotation of the functions and theexercise way of the function should be constant change. After that, the article summarizes the government functions in traditional old-ageservice system and compared the different function of government ofdifferent period features; found that the government functions in theconnotation and the way of exercise areas have undergone tremendouschanges. The main part of the article mainly in JN city as an example thedevelopment of old-age care institutions, in view of the transformationof government functions of support service system for the analysis of theimpact of the transformation of government functions, found in certainextent to promote old-age care institutions development, but the currentgovernment functions during exercise has many problems, has become thebottleneck of the development of old-age care institutions. Finally,aiming at these problems put forward the corresponding improvementsuggestions, and the deeper thinking.The innovation of this article is try to find the government’s functionchange from our country old-age service system historical evolution, andanalysis the validity of the change of government functions after pensionservice system development, so the research contents have certaininnovation. In the research theory on mainly by means of public managementtheory and some specific theory, put the public administration and socialsecurity problem together is also a characteristic.
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