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The Research On The Problem Of Community Service For The Aged In Hei Longjiang Province

Posted on:2017-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330485981782Subject:Social security
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Our country has the most rapidly aging population in the world, the largest and most serious challenge, how "old before getting rich" lower "not prepared to old" and "declining birthrate aging" in the background, so that everyone has the old standby, to achieve healthy aging, the test of the government management, governance and social ability of families to cope. In recent years, the extent of the aging population growing in Heilongjiang Province, showing an aging population base, rapid growth, the aging trend is clearly and other characteristics. By the end of 2014, Heilongjiang Province,60 years of age or older has reached 6.089 million, accounting for 15.8% of the total population; the province of the elderly population will reach 7.65 million in 2020, the aging level reached 19% and more than 11.64 million in 2045, the aging level reached more than 33%, the pension burden on society is increasing. In recent years, various localities and departments and community effort, Heilongjiang Province develop a comprehensive community-based care services, pension services to speed up infrastructure construction, significantly increase the total amount of pension institutions beds, old-age security policy of continuous improvement, community care service industry development trend good. Therefore, for the existing urban community care services in Heilongjiang Province. Government departments and social organizations, should attach great importance to the development of community-based care services business, pension for the elderly to create a healthy environment and provide high-quality care services, allow the elderly to feel social and family care.In order to effectively solve the problem of Heilongjiang city community endowment currently facing, community care theory, hierarchy of needs and welfare of pluralism and other related theory research foundation, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, a review of data collection and collation relevant literature review, After the combination of community care service model developed and advanced cities in our country, sum up experience, learn from the way, to make recommendations on the Heilongjiang city community care services supply capacity, security system, support system, industrial upgrading, incentives, etc., carry out the "Internet+ pension" action is proposed in line with the actual situation in Heilongjiang province, the effective promotion recommendations urban community care service development.
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