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Farmers’ Living Structure And Sustainable Research

Posted on:2013-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395458749Subject:Political Theory
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China along with the rapid development of urban and rural integration, inevitably there will be a lot of agricultural land into urban, rural land originally attached farmers because the requisition of land may become a typical lost land peasants. Once they don’t get proper placement and livelihood security may be social factors of instability. Only by solving the compensation and resettlement of the farmers, let their life to the development of the long, can ensure that the process of integration in urban and rural areas in China the smooth, quickly.This article from the integration of urban and rural areas the big development situation and premise of xiamen H village as a case study for research. In the sustainable livelihood theoretical framework support to the livelihood of the elements of the five dimensions as analysis elements, the xiamen urban and rural integration in the process of the farmers living situation, livelihood capital, land compensation and summarized, also may obtain the obstacles, draw the outline of xiamen land-lost farmers solve problems of sustainable livelihood policy framework, and feasible and with some innovation value of countermeasures. According to the theoretical framework of each concept and research background, explore the integration of urban and rural areas in the process of the farmers sustainable livelihoods.
Keywords/Search Tags:The integration of urban and rural areas, Land-lost farmers, Sustainable livelihood, Livelihood elements
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