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A Study On The Sustainable Livelihood Of Landless Peasants In The Process Of Urbanization

Posted on:2017-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Urbanization is the natural choice of the continuous development of human society, is irresistible social rules, but also to meet more people in the pursuit of a feasible way to a better life. Under their own conditions mature, individual farmers take the initiative to enter the city of spontaneous urbanization is the pursuit of efforts to a higher standard of living; but by the land mass turned farmer to citizen "one size fits all" urbanization, to immature conditions many farmers bring to livelihood as the center of various problems. Of landless peasants living condition is not only related to the social stability, the level of people’s well-being, more directly related to the overall situation of the Party Central Committee put forward a well-off society in an all-round way can be realized smoothly.These due to urban expansion and passive loss of land of the people, their real life? They in life met what? They now with what kind of assets, using what, through what channels get life source. These assets, ability and way is to improve the prospects for sustainable development. This paper is under the thinking of above problems are conceived.This study to Kunming Chenggong New Area of cypress camp community of farmers lost their land as the research object. Kunming is an important city in the southwest area of the state, Chenggong as a near the provincial capital, has a good economic base of the town, it quickly in the process of urbanization of landless peasants in the small place of landless farmers with better representativeness. Especially cypress camp community better location has brought opportunities for development, farmers to grasp the opportunities to for us to accurately predict of landless peasants in the future to provide a reference.The content of this paper includes the background of the topic, research methods, research content, research ideas and the main livelihood support points. On the basis of development framework for DIFD. Study of livelihood assets, ability of making a living and livelihoods in the sustainable livelihoods and to solve the livelihood problems of landless peasants put forward the own opinion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land lost farmers, sustainable livelihoods, livelihood assets, livelihood capacity, livelihood approach
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